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Syndromes Page 9

 Abbreviations Meaning
ESSEmpty Sella Syndrome
ESSEuthyroid Sick Syndrome
ESSExcited Skin Syndrome
EVC, EVCEllis-van Creveld [syndrome]
EVRSEarly Ventricular Repolarization Syndrome
FACESFamily Adaptability And Cohesion Evaluation Scale; Unique Facies, Anorexia, Cachexia, And Eye And Skin Lesions [syndrome]
FAMMMFamilial Atypical Multiple Mole-melanoma [syndrome]
FASFetal Alcohol Syndrome
FAZFanconi-Albertini-Zellweger [syndrome]; Foveal Avascular Zone; Fragmented Atrial Activity Zone
FBSSFailed Back Surgery Syndrome; Field-based Similarity Searching
FCAHFamilial Cytomegaly Adrenocortical Hypoplasia [syndrome]
FCMSFellow Of The College Of Medicine And Surgery; Foix-Chavany-Marie Syndrome
FCSFaciocutaneoskeletal Syndrome; Fecal Containment System; Feedback Control System; Fetal Calf Serum; Foot Compartment Syndrome
FESFat Embolism Syndrome
FFSFailure-free Survival; Fat-free Solids; Fee For Service; Femoro-facial Syndrome
FFUFemur-fibula-ulna [syndrome]; Focal Forming Unit
FGSFibrogastroscopy; Focal Glomerular Sclerosis; Formal Genesis Syndrome
FH-UFSFemoral Hypoplasia-unusual Facies Syndrome
FHSFetal Hydantoin Syndrome
FHSFloating Harbor Syndrome
FIPAFamilial Intestinal Polyatresia [syndrome]
FLKSFatty Liver And Kidney Syndrome
FLSFatty Liver Syndrome
FMRFragile Site Mental Retardation [syndrome]; Friend-Moloney-Rauscher [antigen]
FMRPFragile Site Mental Retardation [syndrome] Protein
FMSFibromyalgia Syndrome
FOARFacio-oculo-acoustico-renal [syndrome]
FPOFaciopalatoosseous [syndrome]; Federation Of Prosthodontic Organizations; Freezing Point Osmometer
FPSFetal PCB (polychlorinated Biphenyl) Syndrome
FRA(X)Chromosome X Fragility; Fragile X Chromosome, Fragile X Syndrome
FRAX-MRFragile X-mental Retardation [syndrome]
FRAXAFragile X Syndrome A
FRAXEFragile X Syndrome E
FRAXISFraxiparine In Ischemic Syndromes [study]
FRNSFryns Syndrome
FSFanconi Syndrome
FSFelty Syndrome
FSFibromyalgia Syndrome
FSFisher Syndrome
FSSFrozen Shoulder Syndrome
FSSFreeman-Sheldon Syndrome
FTASFamilial Testicular Agenesis Syndrome
FTDSFamilial Testicular Dysgenesis Syndrome
FTSFeminizing Testis Syndrome
FTSFetal Tobacco Syndrome
FTSFissured Tongue Syndrome
FUSFeline Urologic Syndrome; First-use Syndrome; Focused Ultrasound Surgery; Fusion
FVSFetal Valproate Syndrome; Fig Virus S
FXSFragile X Syndrome
GADSGonococcal Arthritis/dermatitis Syndrome

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