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Syndromes Page 6

 Abbreviations Meaning
CHUSPAN[treatment Of] Churg-Strauss Syndrome And Polyarteritis Nodosa [study]
CIBPSChronic Intractable Benign Pain Syndrome
CIDSCellular Immunity Deficiency Syndrome
CIHSCentral Infantile Hypotonic Syndrome
CINCAChronic Infantile Neurological Cutaneous And Auricular [syndrome]
CJSCreutzfeldt-Jakob Syndrome
CLASCirculating Lupus Anticoagulant Syndrome
CLCClerc-Levy-Critesco (syndrome)
CLCCharcot-Leyden Crystal; Clerc-Levy-Critesco [syndrome]
CLHCleft Limb-heart (syndrome)
CLHChronic Lobular Hepatitis; Cleft Limb-heart [syndrome]; Corpus Luteum Hormone; Cutaneous Lymphoid Hyperplasia
CLSCoffin-Lowry Syndrome
CLSCornelia De Lange Syndrome
CLSCafe-au-lait Spot; Classical Least Square; Clinical Laboratory Scientist; Coffin-Lowry Syndrome; Cornelia De Lange Syndrome
CMSChronic Myelodysplastic Syndrome
CMSClofibrate-induced Muscular Syndrome
CMTCharcot-Marie-Tooth [syndrome]
CMTSCharcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome
CMTXCharcot-Marie-Tooth [syndrome], X-linked
CNCrigler-Najjar [syndrome]
CNESChronic Nervous Exhaustion Syndrome
CNFCongenital Nephrotic Syndrome Of The Finnish [type]
CNFSCraniofrontonasal Syndrome
CNSCongenital Nephrotic Syndrome
COACanadian Ophthalmological Association; Canadian Orthopaedic Association; Certificate Of Authority; Cervico-oculo-acusticus [syndrome]; Condition On Admission
COACHCanadian Organization For The Advancement Of Computers In Health; Cerebellar Vermis Hypoplasia/aplasia-oligophrenia-congenital Ataxia-ocular Colobomata-hepatic Fibrosis [syndrome]
COBSCesarean-obtained Barrier-sustained; Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome
COD-MDCerebro-ocular Dysplasia-muscular Dystrophy [syndrome]
CODASCerebro-oculo-dento-auriculo-skeletal [syndrome]
COFSCerebro-oculo-facial-skeletal [syndrome]; Certificate Of Free Sale
COMSCerebrooculomuscular Syndrome
COSCarbon Oxysulfide; Cheiro-oral Syndrome; Chief Of Staff; Clinically Observed Seizures; Clinical Orthopaedic Society
COVESDEMCostovertebral Segmentation Defect With Mesomelia [syndrome]
CPLSCleft Palate-lateral Synechia Syndrome
CPPDCalcium Pyrophosphate Dihydrate Deposition [syndrome]; Cisplatin; Cost Per Patient Day
CPSCervical Pain Syndrome
CPSChest Pain Syndrome
CPSChronic Prostatitis Syndrome
CPSCCongenital Paucity Of Secondary Synaptic Clefts [syndrome]; Consumer Products Safety Commission
CRASHCorpus Callosum Hypoplasia-retardation-adducted Thumbs-spastic Paraplegia-hydrocephalus [syndrome]
CRESTCalcinosis, Raynaud Phenomenon, Esophageal Involvement, Sclerodactyly, And Telangiectasia [syndrome]; Carotid Revascularization And Endarterectomy Vs Stent Trial
CROMECongenital Cataracts-epileptic Fits-mental Retardation (syndrome)
CROMECongenital Cataracts-epileptic Fits-mental Retardation [syndrome]
CRPSComplex Regional Pain Syndrome (type I And II)
CRPSComplex Regional Pain Syndrome [types I And II]
CRSCaudal Regression Syndrome
CRSChinese Restaurant Syndrome
CRSCongenital Rubella Syndrome
CRSTCalcinosis, Raynaud Phenomenon, Sclerodactyly, Telangiectasia [syndrome]; Corrected Sinus Recovery Time
CSClimacteric Syndrome

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