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Syndromes Page 5

 Abbreviations Meaning
CBSCulture-bound Syndrome
CCCronkhite-Canada (syndrome)
CCHSCongenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome
CCHSCongenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome; Copenhagen City Heart Study
CCMCerebrocostomandibular (syndrome)
CCMCerebrocostomandibular [syndrome]
CCMSCerebrocostomandjbular Syndrome
CCMSCerebrocostomandibular Syndrome; Clean Catch Midstream [urine]; Clinical Care Management System
CCSChronic Compartment Syndrome
CCSCloudy Cornea Syndrome
CCSConcentration Camp Syndrome
CCSCostoclavicular Syndrome
CCSCSCentral Cervical Spinal Cord Syndrome
CDGCarbohydrate-deficient Glycoprotein Syndrome; Central Developmental Groove
CDGSCarbohydrate-deficient Glycoprotein Syndrome
CDGSComplete Form Of DiGeorge Syndrome
CDLChlordeoxylincomycin; Cornelia De Lange [syndrome]
CDLSCornelia De Lange Syndrome
CDMMSChorioretinal Dysplasia-microcephaly-mental Retardation Syndrome
CDSCervico-dorsal Syndrome
CDSCaudal Dysplasia Syndrome
CECRCat Eye Syndrome Chromosome Region
CESCauda Equina Syndrome
CFChiari-Frommel [syndrome]
CFACerebello-facio-articular [syndrome]
CFCCapillary Filtration Coefficient; Cardiofaciocutaneous [syndrome]; Chlorofluorocarbon; Colony-forming Capacity; Colony-forming Cell; Continuous Flow Centrifugation
CFIDSChronic Fatigue And Immune Dysfunction Syndrome
CFNSChills, Fever, Night Sweats; Craniofrontonasal Syndrome
CFSChronic Fatigue (and Immune Dysfunction) Syndrome
CFSCancer Family Syndrome
CFSChiari-Frommel Syndrome
CFSChronic Fatigue Syndrome
CFSCrush Fracture Syndrome
CFS/MEChronic Fatigue Syndrome (often Called Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Especially In The UK)
CGSCardiogenic Shock; Catgut Suture; Causal Genesis Syndrome
CHChediak-Higashi [syndrome]
CHChest; Chido [antibody]; Chief; Child; Choline; Christchurch [syndrome]; Chromosome
CHConradi-H√ľnermann [syndrome]
CH. BR. SYN.Chronic Brain Syndrome
CHANDSCurly Hair-ankyloblepharon- Nail Dysplasia Syndrome
CHARGEColoboma, Heart Disease, Atresia Choanae, Retarded Growth And Retarded Development And/or CNS Anomalies, Genital Hypoplasia, And Ear Anomalies And/or Deafness [syndrome]
CHHSCongenital Hypothalamic Hamartoma Syndrome
CHILDCongenital Hemidysplasia With Ichthyosiform Erythroderma And Limb Defects [syndrome]
CHRCerebrohepatorenal [syndrome]; Chemical Hazards Regulations
CHRSCerebrohepatorenal Syndrome; Christian Syndrome
CHSCalvarial Hyperostotic Syndrome
CHSCentral Hypoventilation Syndrome
CHSChediak-Higashi Syndrome
CHSCongenital Hypoventilation Syndrome
CHS1Chediak Higashi Syndrome Gene, Located On Chromosome 1 (1q42-44)

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