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 Abbreviations Meaning
ASAlport Syndrome
ASAngelman Syndrome
ASBAnencephaly-spina Bifida [syndrome]
ASHACAcquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Self-help And Care
ASLNAlport Syndrome-like Hereditary Nephritis
ASPSAdvanced Sleep Phase Syndrome; Australian Swedish Pindolol Study
ASSAarskog-Scott Syndrome
ASSA, ASSASAminopterin-like Syndrome Sine Aminopterin
ATAchard-Thiers [syndrome]
ATACSAntithrombotic Therapy In Acute Coronary Syndromes [trial]
ATCSAnterior Tibial Compartment Syndrome
ATLSAcute Tumor Lysis Syndrome; Advanced Tool For Learning Anatomical Structures; Advanced Trauma Life Support
ATRAlpha-thalassemia-mental Retardation (syndrome)
ATRAlpha-thalassemia-mental Retardation [syndrome]
ATR1Alpha-thalassemia Mental Retardation [syndrome] Type 1
ATR2Alpha-thalassemia Mental Retardation [syndrome] Type 2
ATRXATR-X, X-linked Alpha-thalassemia Mental Retardation (syndrome)
ATRX, ATR-XX-linked Alpha-thalassemia Mental Retardation [syndrome]
ATSAchard-Thiers Syndrome
AUSAcute Urethral Syndrome
AUSAcute Urethral Syndrome; Artificial Urinary Sphincter
AVHSAcquired Valvular Heart Syndrome
AWSAlagille-Watson Syndrome; Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome
B-SSBernard-Soulier Syndrome
BADSBlack Locks-albinism-deafness Syndrome
BASEB27-arthritis-sacroiliitis-extra-articular Features (syndrome)
BASEB27-arthritis-sacroiliitis-extra-articular Features [syndrome]
BBSBarolet-Biedl Syndrome
BBSBashful Bladder Syndrome
BBSBenign Breast Syndrome
BBSBrown Bowel Syndrome
BCDLBrachmann-Cornelia De Lange (syndrome)
BCDLBrachmann-Cornelia De Lange [syndrome]
BCNSBasal Cell Nevus Syndrome
BCSBudd-Chiari Syndrome
BCSBattered Child Syndrome
BDBlue Diaper (syndrome)
BDBlue Diaper [syndrome]
BDCBazex-Dupre-Christol [syndrome]; Burn-dressing Change
BDLSBrachmann-de Lange Syndrome
BFBurning Feet [syndrome]
BFLBird Fancier's Lung; Brjeson-Forssman-Lehman [syndrome]
BFLSBrjeson-Forssman-Lehmann Syndrome
BGMRBasal Ganglion Disorder-mental Retardation [syndrome]
BGSBalance, Gait, And Station; Baller-Gerold Syndrome; Blood Group Substance; British Geriatrics Society
BIDSBiological Integrated Detection System; Brittle Hair, Intellectual Impairment, Decreased Fertility, And Short Stature [syndrome]
BIOMACSBiochemical Markers Of Acute Coronary Syndromes
BISBone Cement Implantation Syndrome
BISBuilding Illness Syndrome
BJBence Jones [protein, Proteinuria]; Biceps Jerk; Bielschowsky-Jansky [syndrome]; Bones And Joints

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