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Syndromes Page 26

 Abbreviations Meaning
US1BUsher Syndrome Type IB
US1CUsher Syndrome Type IC
US2Usher Syndrome Type II
US2AUsher Syndrome Type IIA
US2BUsher Syndrome Type IIB
US3Usher Syndrome Type III
US4Usher Syndrome Type IV
USHUsher Syndrome
USH1Usher Syndrome Type I
USH1AUsher Syndrome Type IA
USH1BUsher Syndrome Type IB
USH1CUsher Syndrome Type IC
USH2Usher Syndrome Type II
USH2AUsher Syndrome Type IIA
USH2BUsher Syndrome Type IIB
USH3Usher Syndrome Type III
USH4Usher Syndrome Type IV
UTTotal Unsharpness; Ullrich-Turner [syndrome]; Unna-Thost [syndrome]; Untested; Untreated; Urinary Tract; Urticaria
UTSUllrich-Turner Syndrome; Ulnar Tunnel Syndrome; Ultimate Tensile Strength
VAHSVirus-associated Hemophagocytic Syndrome
VASVestibular Aqueduct Syndrome
VASViral Arthritis Syndrome
VATSVeterans Administration Medical Center Transference Syndrome; Video-assisted Thoracic Surgery
VCFVelocardiofacial [syndrome]; Velocity Of Circumferential Fiber [lengthening]; Ventricular Contractility Function
VCFSVelocardiofacial Syndrome
VCFSVelo-cardio-facial Syndrome
VDWSVan Der Woude Syndrome
VEGASVein Graft Angiojet Study; Ventricular Enlargement With Gait Apraxia Syndrome
VFSVascular Fragility Syndrome; Very Fast Sedimentation; Visual File System
VHLVirtual Health Library; Von Hippel-Lindau [syndrome]
VI-CTSVibration-induced Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
VISVenous Insufficiency Syndrome
VISVertebral Irritation Syndrome
VKH, VKHSVogt-Koyanagi-Harada [syndrome]
VLSVascular Leak Syndrome
VPVaradi-Papp [orofaciodigital Syndrome]
VSVibration Syndrome
VSVogt-Spielmeyer [syndrome]
VVSVesicovaginal Space; Vestibulo-vegetative Syndrome
VWVan Der Woude [syndrome]; Vascular Wall; Vessel Wall; Volterra-Wiener [approach]; Von Willebrand [disease]
VWSVan Der Woude Syndrome; Viewing Work Station; Von Willebrand Syndrome
WAWhen Awake; White Adult; Wiskott-Aldrich [syndrome]
WASWeekly Activities Summary; Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome
WASPWeber Advanced Spatial Perception [test]; Wiskott-Aldrich Syndrome Protein
WBSWechsler-Bellevue Scale; Whole-blood Serum; Whole-body Scan; Wiedemann-Beckwith Syndrome; Williams-Beuren Syndrome; Withdrawal Body Shakes
WCWeber-Christian [syndrome]
WCSWhite Clot Syndrome; Wisconsin Card Sort [test]; Worst Case Scenario
WDHAWatery Diarrhea, Hypokalemia, Achlorhydria [syndrome]
WDSWatery Diarrhea Syndrome; Wet Dog Shakes [syndrome]
WFSWaterhouse-Friderichsen Syndrome; World Fertility Survey

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