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Syndromes Page 14

 Abbreviations Meaning
LISLocked-in Syndrome
LKLamellar Keratoplasty; Landry-Kussmaul [syndrome]; Left Kidney; Lichenoid Keratosis; Lymphokine
LKSLandau-Kleffner Syndrome; Liver, Kidneys, Spleen
LLSLazy Leukocyte Syndrome
LMBLaurence-Moon-Biedl [syndrome]; Left Main Bronchus; Leiomyoblastoma; Leukomethylene Blue
LMBBLaurence-Moon-Bardet-Biedl [syndrome]
LMBSLaurence-Moon-Biedl Syndrome
LMPSLethal Multiple Pterygium Syndrome
LMSLateral Medullary Syndrome
LNLesch-Nyhan [syndrome]
LNKSLow Natural Killer Syndrome
LNSLateral Nuclear Stratum; Lesch-Nyhan Syndrome
LOCSLaryngoonychocutaneous Syndrome
LOGICLaryngeal And Ocular Granulations In Children Of Indian Subcontinent [syndrome]
LOSLow Cardiac Output Syndrome
LPHASLimb/pelvis-hypoplasia/aplasia Syndrome
LQTLong QT [syndrome]
LQTSLong QT Syndrome
LRSLateral Recess Syndrome
LRSLumboradicular Syndrome
LRSSLate Respiratory Systemic Syndrome
LSLeigh Syndrome
LSLeriche Syndrome
LUFSLuteinized Unruptured Follicle Syndrome
LWSLowry-Wood Syndrome
LYESLiver Yang Exuberance Syndrome
LYSLKLymphoma Syndrome Leukemia
MAMartin-Albright [syndrome]
MACSMulticenter Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) Cohort Study
MAGICMouth (or Mucosal) And Genital Ulceration With Inflamed Cartilage [syndrome]
MAIDSMouse Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
MAISManual Axial In-line Stabilization; Mild Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome
MASMacrophage Activation Syndrome
MASMcCune-Albright Syndrome
MASMeconium Aspiration Syndrome
MASMilk-alkali Syndrome
MASMorgagni-Adams-Stokes [syndrome]
MASAMedical Association Of South Africa; Mental Retardation-aphasia-shuffling Gait-adducted Thumbs [syndrome]; Mutant Allele Specific Amplification
MBPSMegabits Per Second; Myeloblastic Syndrome
MBSMarie-Bamberger Syndrome
MBSMartin-Bell Syndrome; Media Broadband Service
MCA/MRMultiple Congenital Anomaly/ Mental Retardation [syndrome]
MCASMiddle Cerebral Artery Syndrome
MCESMedical Care Evaluation Study; Multiple Cholesterol Emboli Syndrome
MCINSMinimal Change Idiopathic Nephrotic Syndrome
MCLNS, MCLSMucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome
MCNSMinimal Change Nephrotic Syndrome
MCSMalignant Carcinoid Syndrome
MCSMiles-Carpenter Syndrome
MDCRMiller-Dieker [syndrome] Chromosome Region

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