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Proteins Page 4

 Abbreviations Meaning
CRYCrystal [protein]
CSGCell Surface Glycoprotein; Central Sympathetic Generator; Cholecystography, Cholecystogram; Clinical Study Group; Collaborative Study Group
CSMPChloramphenicol-sensitive Microsomal Protein
CSPCell Surface Protein
CSPCerebrospinal Protein
CSPChondroitin Sulfate Protein
CSPCircumsporozoite Protein
CSRPCysteine-rich Protein
CTPCitrate Transport Protein
CWPCell Wall Protein
DABPD Site Albumin Promoter Binding Protein
DAGDiacylglycerol; Dianhydrogalactitol; Directed Acyclic Graph; Dystrophin-associated Glycoprotein
DAPDystrophin Associated Protein
DAP-KINASEDeath-associated Protein Kinase
DAPCDystrophin-associated Protein Complex
DAPKDeath-associated Protein Kinase
DBPVitamin D-binding Protein
DDPCisplatin; Density-dependent Phosphoprotein; Difficult Denture Patient; Digital Data Processing; Distributed Data Processing
DDRPDNA Damage Responsive Protein
DELTADescriptive Language For Taxonomy [program]; Dietary Effects On Lipoproteins And Thrombogenic Activity
DGAPDeoxyribonucleic Acid [DNA] Guided Assembly Of Proteins
DGCDystrophin-glycoprotein Complex
DLPDelipidized Serum Protein; Direct Linear Plotting; Dislocation Of Patella; Distolinguopulpal; Dysharmonic Luteal Phase
DMPKDystrophia Myotonica-protein Kinase (gene On Chromosome 19q)
DNA-PKDNA-protein Kinase
DNPDeoxyribonucleoprotein; Dinitrophenol; Dinitropyrene; Dynamic Nuclear Polarization
DPDigestible Protein
DPCDeoxyribonucleic Acid [DNA] Protein Crosslinks
DPIDietary Protein Intake
DPTPDomain Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase
DRPDigoxin Reduction Product; Dorsal Root Potential; Drug-related Problems; Dystrophin-related Protein
EAPEpstein-Barr Associated Protein
EBPError-back Propagation; Estradiol-binding Protein
EBPSElastin-binding Protein Of Staphylococcus Aureus
ECPEosinophil Cationic Protein
ECPExtracellular Protein
ECSPEpidermal Cell Surface Protein
EGFPEnhanced Green Fluorescent Protein
EGR-2Early Growth Response [protein]
ELPElastase-like Protein; Endogenous Limbic Potential; Exogenous Lipoid Pneumonia
EMPExternal Membrane Potential Or Protein
ENAEmergency Nurses' Association; Epithelial Neutrophil-activating [protein]; Extractable Nuclear Antigen
ENPEthyl-p-nitrophenylthiobenzene Phosphate; Excellence For Nursing Practice; Extractable Nucleoprotein
ENVEnvelope [protein]
EPDEmbolic Protection Device; Energy-protein Deficit; Etiological Potentials Display
EPHEdema-proteinuria-hypertension; Episodic Paroxysmal Hemicrania; Extensor Proprius Hallucis
EPILOGEvaluation Of Percutaneous Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty To Improve Long-Term Outcome With Abciximab Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Blockade [trial]
EPMElectron Probe Microanalysis; Electrophoretic Mobility; Energy-protein Malnutrition
EPREstimated Protein Requirement
EPSExtracellular Protein Secretion

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