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Proteins Page 2

 Abbreviations Meaning
ARPAssimilation Regulatory Protein
ARPApolipoprotein Regulatory Protein
ASDBActive Substance Database; Annotation And Similarity [protein] Database
ASGRAsialoglycoprotein Receptor
ASIPAtypical Protein Kinase C Isotype-specific Interacting Protein
ATMAsynchronous Transfer Mode; Asynchronous Transfer Protocol; Ataxia-telangiectasia-mutated [protein]; Atmosphere; Average Time Of Maintenance
ATRAtaxia-telangiectasia And Rad3-related [protein]
AUPAustralian Antigen Protein
AVPAntiviral Protein
AYPAutolyzed Yeast Protein
B-LPHBeta-lipoprotein Hormone
BAPPBeta Amyloid Precursor Protein
BCCPBiotin Carboxyl Carrier Protein
BCFPBreast Cyst Fluid Protein
BIPBacterial Intravenous Protein
BIPBinding Protein
BIRPBIR-containing Proteins
BJBence Jones (proteinuria)
BJBence Jones [protein, Proteinuria]; Biceps Jerk; Bielschowsky-Jansky [syndrome]; Bones And Joints
BJPBence Jones Protein Or Proteinuria
BMPBitmap; Bone Morphogenetic Protein
BMPBone Morphogenetic Protein
BMPIBronchial Mucous Proteinase Inhibitor
BPBasic Protein
BPBinding Protein
BPIBactericidal Permeability Increasing Protein
BPIBactericidal/permeability Increasing [protein]
BPMBody Protein Monitor
BPSBrain Protein Solvent
BRATA Fusion Protein Between The Membrane Protein Bacteriorhodopsin (BR) And The Catalytic Subunit Of Aspartyl Transcarbamylase From Escherichia Coli
BSCPBovine Spinal Cord Protein
BSPBone Sialoprotein; Bromosulphthalein
CCapsid Protein
C1-9Complement Proteins 1 To 9
C4BPComplement 4 Binding Protein
CACapsid Protein
CAAX [BOX]Protein Segment In Which C Is Cysteine, A Is Usually But Not Always An Aliphatic Amino Acid, And X Is Methionine Or Serine
CABPCalcium-binding Protein
CAKCyclic Adenosine Monophosphate [cAMP] Dependent Protein Kinase
CAMKCalmodulin-dependent Protein Kinase
CAMPASSCambridge Database On Protein Alignments Organized As Structural Superfamilies
CAPCell Attachment Protein
CAPCatabolite Gene Activator Protein
CAPCationic Antimicrobial Protein; Circumference Of Apex
CASPRContactin-associated Protein
CBPCalcium-binding Protein

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