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Proteins Page 17

 Abbreviations Meaning
SSD-BPSingle-stranded D-sequence Binding Protein
SSPSporozoite Surface Protein
STARSteroidogenic Acute Regulatory [protein]
SV2Synaptic Vesicle Protein 2
TBPBithionol; Testosterone-binding Protein; Thyroxine-binding Protein; Total Body Protein; Total Bypass; Tributyl Phosphate; Tuberculous Peritonitis
TBPRTotal Body Protein
TBPTTotal Body Protein Turnover
TC/HDLTotal Cholesterol/high Density Lipoproteins [ratio]
TCPT-complex Protein
TCPTotal Circulating Protein
TGATumor Glycoprotein Assay
TGPTobacco Glycoprotein
THBP7,8,9,10-tetrahydrobenzo[a]-pyrene; Thyroid Hormone Binding Protein
THPTamm-Horsfall Protein
THY-1A Highly Abundant Glycoprotein On The Surface Of Thymocytes And Neurons
TIMPTissue Inhibitor Of Metalloproteinase
TIMPTissue Inhibitor Of Metalloproteinases
TIPTranslation-inhibiting Protein
TNFAIPTumor Necrosis Factor, Alpha-induced Protein
TOLCTreatment Of Low-density Lipoprotein-bound Cholesterol [study]
TPTerminal Protein
TPThymus Protein
TPBGTrophoblast Glycoprotein
TPKTyrosine Protein Kinase
TPNTransition Protein
TPNThalamic Projection Neuron; Total Parenteral Nutrition; Transition Protein; Triphosphopyridine Nucleotide
TPSTTrue Positive Stress Test; Tyrosyl Protein Sulfotransferase
TPTTotal Protein Tuberculin
TPXTestis-specific Protein
TRAPTranscriptional Activator Protein
TRAPTriiodothyronine Receptor Auxiliary Protein
TRLPTriglyceride-rich Lipoprotein
TRPTyrosine-related Protein
TRPCTransient Receptor Potential Channel Proteins
TSAPToxic-shock-associated Protein
TSAPToxic-shock-associated Protein; Transport Services Access Point
TSGTumor-specific Glycoprotein
TSG, TSGPTumor-specific Glycoprotein
TSGPTumor-specific Glycoprotein
TSMType-specific M Protein
TSPTailspin Protein
TSPTestis-specific Protein
TSPThrombin-sensitive Protein
TSPTotal Serum Protein
TTPTocopherol Transfer Protein
TVPTextured Vegetable Protein
TYRPTyrosine-related Protein
UCPUncoupling Protein
UCPUncoupling Protein; Urinary Coproporphyrin; Urinary C-peptide
UPEPUrinary Protein Electrophoresis; Urine Protein Electrophoresis

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