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Proteins Page 14

 Abbreviations Meaning
PRKAR1AProtein Kinase, Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate-dependent, Regulatory, Type 1 Alpha
PRKCProtein Kinase C
PRKCAProtein Kinase C Alpha
PRNPPrion Protein
PROPeer Review Organization; Physician Review Organization; Professional Review Organization; Pronation; Protein
PRO-PBPPro-platelet Basic Protein
PROCProtein C
PROSPediatric Research In Office Settings [network]; Protein S
PROSITProteinuria Screening And Intervention
PROSPProtein S Pseudogene
PROWProtein Review On The Web
PRPPrion Protein
PRPPhotolyase Regulatory Protein
PRPProline-rich Protein
PRP, PRPPrion Protein
PRPSProstatic Secretory Protein
PRTProtein Truncation [test]
PSAProtein S Alpha
PSAPPeak Systolic Aortic Pressure; Primary Public Safety Answering Point; Prosaposin; Pulmonary Surfactant Apoprotein
PSBProtected Specimen Brush; Protein S Beta
PSBETAG, PSBGPregnancy-specific Beta-1-glycoprotein
PSDProtein Sequence Database
PSGPregnancy-specific Glycoprotein
PSGLP Selectin Glycoprotein Ligand
PSKProtein Serine Kinase
PSMFProtein-sparing Modified Fast
PSPParathyroid Secretory Protein
PSPProstatic Secretory Protein
PSPPulmonary Surfactant Apoprotein
PSPAPneumococcal Surface Protein A
PSPSSecretory Pancreatic Stone Protein
PSTProtein-sparing Therapy
PTHLPParathyroid-hormone-like Protein
PTHRP, PTHRPParathyroid-hormone-related Peptide; Parathyroid-hormone-related Protein
PTKProtein Tyrosine Kinases
PTKPhosphotyrosine Kinase; Phototherapeutic Keratectomy; Protein-tyrosine Kinase
PTPPancreatic Thread Protein
PTPProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase
PTPCProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase C
PTPGProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase Gamma
PTPNProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase, Non-receptor
PTPRAProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase Receptor Alpha
PTPRBProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase Receptor Beta
PTPRFProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase Receptor F
PTPRGProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase Receptor Gamma
PTPTProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase, T-cell
PTTProtein Truncation Test
PUMPPutative Metalloproteinase

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