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Proteins Page 13

 Abbreviations Meaning
PLEParaneoplastic Limbic Encephalopathy; Pleura; Protein-losing Enteropathy; Pseudolupus Erythematosus
PLPProteolipid Protein
PLTPPhospholipid Transfer Protein
PMLPromyelocytic Leukemia Protein
PMPPeripheral Myelin Protein
PMPPeroxisomal Membrane Protein
PMP22Peripheral Myelin Protein 22
PNAProtein Equivalent Of Total Nitrogen Appearance
PNUProtein Nitrogen Unit
POEMSPatient-Oriented Evidence That Matters; Polyneuropathy, Organomegaly, Endocrinopathy, M Protein, Skin Changes [syndrome]
POMPPhase-offset Multiplanar [pulse Sequence In Magnetic Resonance Imaging]; Principal Outer Material Protein
PPPhosphoprotein Phosphatase
PPPersisting Proteinuria
PPPlacental Protein
PPPlasma Protein
PP1Protein Phosphatase Type 1
PP1CProtein Phosphatase Type 1, Catalytic Subunit
PP1RGProtein Phosphatase Type 1, Regulatory Subunit
PP1SRProtein Phosphatase Type 1, Sarcoplasmic Reticulum
PP2AProtein Phosphatase Type 2A
PP2ACCatalytic Subunit Of Protein Phosphatase Type 2A
PP2ADDimeric Protein Phosphatase Type 2A
PP2CProtein Phosphatase Type 2C
PPASEProtein Phosphatase
PPBPlasmatic Protein Binding
PPBPostparotid Basic Protein
PPBPPro-platelet Basic Protein
PPCPlasma Protein Concentration
PPDPurified Protein Derivative (of Tuberculin)
PPDPurified Protein Derivative
PPD-SPurified Protein Derivative-standard
PPD-TPurified Protein Derivative Stabilized With Tween
PPFPellagra Preventive Factor; Phagocytosis Promoting Factor; Phosphonoformate; Plasma Protein Fraction
PPGBProtective Protein Of Beta-galactosidase
PPPProtein Phosphatase
PPPPurified Placental Protein
PPPAProtein Phosphatase Alpha
PPSPhosphoprotein Phosphatases
PPSProtein Plasma Substitute
PPXProtein Phosphatase X
PPX1Protein Phosphatase X Type 1
PPX2Protein Phosphatase X Type 2
PR3Proteinase 3
PRA-HPAProtein A Hemolytic Plaque Assay
PRBBasic Proline-rich Protein; Prosthetics Research Board
PRB, PRBRetinoblastoma Protein
PRB-PPhosphorylated Form Of Retinoblastoma Protein
PRIProtein Intake
PRIONProteinaceous Infectious Particle
PRKARProtein Kinase, Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate-dependent, Regulatory

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