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Proteins Page 12

 Abbreviations Meaning
PC-BMPPhosphorylcholine-binding Myeloma Protein
PCCProtein C Cofactor
PCCFProtein C Cofactor
PCIProtein C Inhibitor
PCMProtein-calorie Malnutrition
PCMProtein Carboxymethylase
PCMTPacemaker Circus Movement Tachycardia; Protein Carboxyl Methyltransferase
PCPLPulmonary Capillary Protein Leakage
PCRProtein Catabolic Rate
PCRProtein Catabolism Rate
PDBProtein Data Bank
PDPProtein Domain Parser
PDPDMProtein-deficient Pancreatic Diabetes Mellitus
PEMProtein-energy Malnutrition
PEMProtein Energy Malnutrition
PEPPore-forming Protein
PEPProtein Electrophoresis
PEP M24Pepsin Extract Of Type-24 M Protein
PERPeak Ejection Rate; Periodogram; Peritoneum; Protein Efficiency Ratio
PERCPPeridinin Chlorophyll A Protein (fluorescent Dye Used In Flow Cytometry)
PERCPPeridinin Chlorophyll Protein
PFSPatellofemoral Syndrome; Primary Fibromyalgia Syndrome; Protein-free Supernatant; Pulmonary Function Score; Pulsatile Flow System
PGPPhosphoglyceroyl Phosphatase; Postgamma Proteinuria; Prepaid Group Practice; Progressive General Paralysis
PHA-NSPPassive Hemagglutination To Nonstructural Protein
PHAPPhytohemagglutinin Protein
PIClass I Protein
PIFParatoid Isoelectric Focusing Variant Protein
PIPProlactin-inducible Protein
PIRParticipant Inquiry Research; Postinhibition Rebound; Protein Information Or Identification Resource
PIR-NREFProtein Information Or Identification Resource-Nonredundant Reference [database]
PIVKAProtein Induced By Vitamin K Absence Or Antagonism
PJPPancreatic Juice Protein
PKProtein Kinase
PKAProtein Kinase A
PKARProtein Kinase Activation Ratio
PKASEProtein Kinase
PKBProtein Kinase B
PKCPermanente Knowledge Connection; Problem-knowledge Coupler; Protein Kinase C
PKCAProtein Kinase C Alpha
PKCBProtein Kinase C Beta
PKCEProtein Kinase C Epsilon
PKCGProtein Kinase C Gamma
PKCSHProtein Kinase C Heavy Chain
PKCSLProtein Kinase C Light Chain
PKCZProtein Kinase C Zeta
PKGProtein Kinase G
PKIPotato Kallikrein Inhibitor; Protein Kinase Inhibitor; Public Key Infrastructure [telemedicine]
PKMProtein Kinase M; Pyruvate Kinase, Muscle
PKSProtein Kinase Sequence
PLCProtein-lipid Complex

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