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Proteins Page 11

 Abbreviations Meaning
NPDNormal Protein Diet
NPKCNovel Protein Kinase C
NPNNonprotein Nitrogen (BUN And Creatinine)
NPNNeural Petri Net; Nonprotein Nitrogen
NPNANormalized Protein Nitrogen Appearance Rates
NPRNet Protein Ratio; Normal Pulse Rate; Nucleoside Phosphoribosyl
NPSHNonprotein Sulhydryl [group]
NPUNet Protein Utilization
NRNPNuclear Ribonucleoprotein
NS5ANonstructural Protein 5A
NSEPNeedle And Syringe Exchange Program; Nuclease-sensitive Element Protein
NSILPNonsuppressible Insulinlike Protein
NSPNeuron Specific Protein; Neurotoxic Shellfish Poisoning; Nonstructural Protein; Nuclear Shuttle Protein; Nurse Scheduling Problem
NTNHNontoxic, Nonhemagglutinating [protein]
NUFIPNuclear FMRP-interacting Protein
OABPOrganic Anion Binding Protein
OBPOdorant-binding Protein; Ova, Blood, Parasites [in Stool]
OMGObject Management Group; Oligodendrocyte-myelin Glycoprotein; Osteopathic Medical School Graduate
OMGPOligodendrocyte-myelin Glycoprotein
OMPOlfactory Marker Protein; Oligonucleoside Methylphosphonate; Ornithine Monophosphate; Orotidine-5-monophosphatase; Outer Membrane Protein
OMPA, OMPAOuter Membrane Protein A
OMPF, OMPFOuter Membrane Protein F
OPOrthostatic Proteinuria
ORBITOral Glycoprotein IIb/IIIa Receptor Blockade To Inhibit Thrombosis [trial]
OSBPOxysterol Binding Protein
OSPAOuter Surface Protein A
OXLDL, OX-LDLOxidized Low-density Lipoprotein
P120Phosphoprotein 120 (kDa)
P24Viral Protein Specific To HIV Virus
PA-T-SPPeriodic Acid-thiocarbo-hydrazide-silver Proteinate
PABPoly(A)-binding [protein]
PABPPoly A Binding Protein; Pulmonary Artery Balloon Pump
PAEPProgestagen-associated Endometrial Protein
PAGProtein A-gold [technique]
PAPPancreatitis-associated Protein
PAPPulmonary Alveolar Proteinosis
PAPPPara-aminopropiophenone; Pregnancy-associated Plasma Protein
PAPPAPregnancy-associated Plasma Protein A
PAPPCPregnancy-associated Plasma Protein C
PASBProtein-associated Strand Breaks
PASPPancreas-specific Protein; Pulmonary Artery Systolic Pressure
PBProtein Binding
PBFEProtein-bound Iron
PBIProtein Bound Iodine
PBIParental Bonding Instrument; Penile Pressure/brachial Pressure Index; Protein-bound Iodine
PBPPenicillin-binding Protein
PBPPlatelet Basic Protein
PBPProstate-binding Protein
PBPSPenicillin-binding Proteins
PBT4Protein-bound Thyroxine

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