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Proteins Page 10

 Abbreviations Meaning
MPHMacroporous Hydrogel; Male Pseudohermaphroditism; Master Of Public Health; Microtiter Plate Hybridization; Milk Protein Hydrolysate
MPPMyelin Protein, Peripheral
MPZMyelin Protein, Zero
MRAPAlpha-2-macroglobulin Receptor-associated Protein; Maximal Resting Anal Pressure; Mean Right Atrial Pressure
MRNPMessenger Ribonucleoprotein
MRPMultidrug Resistance-associated Protein
MSAMultiple Sequence Alignment [proteins]
MSAFP, MS-AFPMaternal Serum Alpha-fetoprotein
MSMBMicroseminoprotein Beta
MSPMacrophage Stimulating Protein
MSPBMicroseminoprotein Beta
MT-MMPMembrane-type Metalloproteinase
MT-PKMyotonic Protein Kinase
MTPMicrosomal Triglyceride Transfer Protein
MTPMicrotubule Protein
MUPMouse Urinary Protein
MUPMajor Urinary Protein; Maximal Urethral Pressure; Motor Unit Potential
MYBCMyosin-binding Protein C
MYBHMyosin-binding Protein H
MYBPMyosin-binding Protein
NACNitrogen Assimilation Control Protein
NAIPNational Association Of Inpatient Physicians; Neuronal Apoptosis Inhibitory Protein
NAPNeurotoxin-associated Protein
NAPNucleosome Assembly Protein
NAPLNucleosome Assembly Protein-like
NBPNucleic Acid Binding Protein
NCPNeuro-cybernetic Prosthesis [neurostimulator]; Nijmegen Classification Of Pain; Noncollagen Protein
NDPNet Dietary Protein; Nucleoside Diphosphate
NEFHHeavy Polypeptide Of Neurofilament Protein
NEFLLight Polypeptide Of Neurofilament Protein
NEFMMedium Polypeptide Of Neurofilament Protein
NESPNovel Erythrocyte Stimulating Protein; Nurse Education Support Program
NFHHeavy Polypeptide Of Neurofilament Protein; Nonfamilial Hematuria
NFLNerve Fiber Layer; Neurofilament Protein, Light Polypeptide
NFMNeurofilament Protein, Medium Polypeptide
NFPNeurofilament Protein
NHCNational Health Council; Neighborhood Health Center; Neonatal Hypocalcemia; Nonhistone Chromosomal [protein]; Nursing Home Care
NHCPNonhistone Chromosomal Protein
NHDLNon-high-density Lipoprotein
NHPNonhemoglobin Protein
NHPNonhistone Protein
NLDLNormal Low-density Lipoprotein
NLTNovel Liver-specific Transporter Protein
NMPNormal Menstrual Period; Nuclear Matrix Protein; Nucleoside Monophosphate
NNPNon-histone Nuclear Proteins
NNP-1Novel Nuclear Protein (HGMW-approved Symbol D21S2056E)
NPBNodal Premature Beat; Nonprotein Bound
NPBENon-protein-bound Estradiol

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