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 Abbreviations Meaning
ACOEPAmerican College Of Osteopathic Emergency Physicians
ACOGAmerican College Of Obstetricians And Gynecologists
ACOHAAmerican College Of Osteopathic Hospital Administrators
ACOIAmerican College Of Osteopathic Internists
ACOMAmerican College Of Occupational Medicine; Anterior Communicating [artery]
ACOMSAmerican College Of Oral And Maxillofacial Surgeons
ACOOGAmerican College Of Osteopathic Obstetricians And Gynecologists
ACOPAmerican College Of Osteopathic Pediatricians; Approved Code Of Practice
ACOSAmerican College Of Osteopathic Surgeons; Associate Chief Of Staff
ACPAmerican College Of Physicians
ACPAmerican College Of Prosthodontists
ACPAssociation For Child Psychiatrists
ACPAmerican College Of Pathologists
ACPAmerican College Of Pharmacists
ACPAmerican College Of Psychiatrists
ACPAssociation Of Clinical Pathologists
ACPAssociation Of Correctional Psychologists
ACPAAmerican Cleft Palate Association
ACPEAmerican College Of Physician Executives
ACPMAmerican College Of Preventive Medicine
ACRAmerican College Of Radiology
ACRAmerican College Of Rheumatology
ACR/NEMAAmerican College Of Radiology/National Electrical Manufacturers' Association [standard For Transferring Radiologic Images]
ACSAmerican Cancer Society
ACSAmerican Chemical Society
ACSAmerican College Of Surgeons
ACSAssociation Of Clinical Scientists
ACS CPSAmerican Cancer Society Cancer Prevention Studies
ACSEAssociation Control Service Element
ACSMAmerican College Of Sports Medicine
ACTAntichymotrypsin; Anticoagulant Therapy; Anxiety Control Training; Artemisinin Combination Therapy [malaria]; Association Of Cytogenetic Technologists
ACTAAmerican Cardiology Technologists Association; Automatic Computerized Transverse Axial [scanning]
ACTSAmerican-Canadian Thrombosis Study; American College Testing Services; Auditory Comprehension Test For Sentences
ACURPAmerican College Of Utilization Review Physicians
ADAAdenosine Deaminase; American Dental Association; American Dermatological Association; American Diabetes Association; American Dietetic Association
ADAAAmerican Dental Assistants Association
ADAPTAssociation For Drug And Alcohol Prevention And Treatment
ADDSAmerican Digestive Disease Society
ADHAcademy Of Dentistry For The Handicapped
ADHAAmerican Dental Hygienists Association
ADIAcademy Of Dentistry International
ADRDAAlzheimer Disease And Related Disorders Association
ADTAAmerican Dental Trade Association
AESAmerican Endocrine Society
AESAmerican Endodontic Society
AESAmerican Epidemiological Society
AESAcetone-extracted Serum; Ambulatory Encounter System; American Electroencephalographic Society; American Encephalographic Society
AESAmerican Equilibration Society
AFEDIAssociation Francophone Europeene Des Infirmiers [Canada]
AFROCAssociation For Freestanding Radiation Oncology Centers

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