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 Abbreviations Meaning
HKCOSHong Kong College Of Orthopaedic Surgeons
HKOAHong Kong Orthopaedic Association
HMBANAHuman Milk Bank Association Of North America
HMSSHospital Management Systems Society
HOSHawaii Orthopaedic Society
HT(ASCP)Histologic Technician Certified By The American Society Of Clinical Pathologists
HTL(ASCP)Histotechnologist Certified By The American Society Of Clinical Pathologists
IAAInternational Antituberculosis Association
IABIndustrial Accident Board; Intra-abdominal; Intra-aortic Balloon
IABSInternational Association For Biological Standards
IACSInternational Academy Of Cosmetic Surgery
IACVInternational Association Of Cancer Victims And Friends
IADRInternational Association For Dental Research
IAETInternational Association For Enterostomal Therapy
IAFCInternational Association Of Fire Chiefs
IAFFInternational Association Of Fire Fighters
IAGInternational Association Of Gerontology; International Academy Of Gnathology
IAGPInternational Association Of Geographic Pathology
IAGUSInternational Association Of Genito-Urinary Surgeons
IAHSInfection-associated Hemophagocytic Syndrome; International Association Of Hospital Security
IAMMInternational Association Of Medical Museums
IAMSInternational Association Of Microbiological Societies
IAOImmediately After Onset; Intermittent Aortic Occlusion; International Association Of Orthodontists
IAOMInternational Association Of Oral Myology
IAPInternational Academy Of Pathology
IAPInternational Academy Of Proctology
IAPBInternational Association For Prevention Of Blindness
IAPMInternational Academy Of Preventive Medicine
IAPPInternational Association For Preventive Pediatrics; Islet Amyloid Polypeptide
IAPSRSInternational Association Of Psychosocial Rehabilitation Services
IASInternational Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome Society
IASLInternational Association For Study Of The Liver
IASLCInternational Association For The Study Of Lung Cancer
IASPInternational Association For Study Of Pain
IBMPInternational Board Of Medicine And Psychology
ICAAInternational Council On Alcohol And Addictions; Invalid Children's Aid Association
ICD/BPAInternational Classification Of Diseases As Adapted By The British Paediatric Association
ICDSIntegrated Child Development Scheme; International Cardiac Doppler Society
ICF(M)AInternational Cystic Fibrosis (Mucoviscidosis) Association
ICHDInter-Society Commission For Heart Disease Resources
ICLHImperial College, London Hospital
ICPIIntersociety Committee On Pathology Information
ICSInternational College Of Surgeons
ICSInternational Cytokine Society
ICVSInternational Cardiovascular Society
IDSAInfectious Diseases Society Of America; Intraoperative Digital Subtraction Angiography
IEAInternational Epidemiological Association
IFAInternational Fertility Association
IFAInternational Filariasis Association
IFAAInternational Federation Of Associations Of Anatomists

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