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ADNAntideoxyribonuclease; Aortic Depressor Nerve; Associate Degree In Nursing
AINAnterior Interosseous Nerve
AINAcute Interstitial Nephritis; American Institute Of Nutrition; Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia; Anterior Interosseous Nerve
AINSAnterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome; Anti-inflammatory Nonsteroidal
AIPFPAcute Idiopathic Peripheral Facial Nerve Palsy
AISAnterior Interosseous Nerve Syndrome
ANASAnastomosis; Auditory Nerve Activating Substance
ANGFAAntinerve Growth Factor Antibody
ANIAcute Nerve Irritation
ANOAmiodarone Neuropathy Of The Optic Nerve
ANRIAcute Nerve Root Irritation
ANTI-PNM ABAnti-peripheral Nerve Myelin Antibody
C1First Cervical Nerve; First Cervical Vertebra; First Component Of Complement
C2Second Cervical Nerve
C3Third Cervical Nerve
C4Controlled Collapse Chip Connection; Fourth Cervical Nerve; Fourth Cervical Vertebra; Fourth Component Of Complement
C5Fifth Cervical Nerve; Fifth Cervical Vertebra; Fifth Component Of Complement
C6Sixth Cervical Nerve; Sixth Cervical Vertebra; Sixth Component Of Complement
C7Seventh Cervical Nerve; Seventh Cervical Vertebra; Seventh Component Of Complement
CIFirst Cranial Nerve
CIISecond Cranial Nerve
CIIIThird Cranial Nerve
CIVFourth Cranial Nerve
CIX-CXIINinth To Twelfth Cranial Nerves
CNCranial Nerve
CN (2-12)Cranial Nerves (2 To 12)
CN IFirst Cranial Nerve [olfactory]
CN IISecond Cranial Nerve [optic]
CN IIIThird Cranial Nerve [oculomotor]
CN IVFourth Cranial Nerve [trochlear]
CN IXNinth Cranial Nerve [glossopharyngeal]
CN VISixth Cranial Nerve [abducent]
CN VIISeventh Cranial Nerve [facial]
CN XTenth Cranial Nerve [vagus]
CN XIITwelfth Cranial Nerve [hypoglossal]
CNAPCareer Nurse Assistants' Programs; Compound Nerve Action Potential
CNICenter Of Nuclear Image; Chronic Nerve Irritation; Community Nutrition Institute
CNPCranial Nerve Palsy
CNSCutaneous Nerve Stimulator
CNVCranial Nerve Number 5
CNVFifth Cranial Nerve [trigeminal]
CNVIIIEighth Cranial Nerve [vestibulocochlear]
CNXCranial Nerve Number 10
CNXIEleventh Cranial Nerve [accessory]
CR NN, CR NNCranial Nerves
CSNCardiac Sympathetic Nerve; Carotid Sinus Nerve; Chemical Safety Newsbase; Cycloserine
CSNSCarotid Sinus Nerve Stimulation
CSPINECorticosteroid Use, Seropositive RA, Peripheral Joint Destruction, Involvement Of Cervical Nerves, Nodules (rheumatoid), Established Disease [cervical Spine Disease Risk Factors]
CVFifth Cranial Nerve
CVISixth Cranial Nerve

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