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 Abbreviations Meaning
CVIISeventh Cranial Nerve
CVIIIEighth Cranial Nerve
DCNDorsal Cutaneous Nerve
DMNXDorsal Motor Nucleus Of The Vagus Nerve
DMVDorsal Motor Nucleus Of The Vagus Nerve
DNRDorsal Nerve Root
DNRDaunorubicin; Do Not Resuscitate; Dorsal Nerve Root
DNSDiaphragmatic Nerve Stimulation
DNVDensovirus; Dorsal Nucleus Of Vagus Nerve; Double-normalized Value
DPNBDorsal Penile Nerve Block
DTPDistal Tingling On Percussion (over The Site Of A Nerve, A.k.a. Tinel's Sign Or Hoffman-Tinel Sign)
E COLIEighth Nerve Action Potential, Cochlear Nucleus, Olivary Complex (superior), Lateral Lemniscus, Inferior Colliculus [hearing Test]
EMG/NCVElectromyography/nerve Conduction Velocity [test]
ERNAEfferent Renal Nerve Activity
GCNSTGranular Cell Nerve Sheath Tumor
GONGonococcal Ophthalmia Neonatorum; Greater Occipital Nerve
GONDGlaucomatous Optic Nerve Damage
GPNGlossopharyngeal Nerve; Graduate Practical Nurse
GVAGeneral Visceral Afferent [nerve]
GVEGeneral Visceral Efferent [nerve]
LVNLateral Ventricular Nerve
MNMedian Nerve
MNAPMixed Nerve Action Potential; Multineuron Acquisition Processor
MNCVMedian Nerve Conduction Velocity; Motor Nerve Conduction Velocity
MPNSTMalignant Peripheral Nerve Sheath Tumor
N I-XII, N 1-12First To Twelfth Cranial Nerves
N&MNerves And Muscles
N&MNerves And Muscles; Night And Morning
NAPNerve Action Potential
NAPPNerve Agent Pyridostigmine Pretreatment
NAPPSNerve Agent Pyridostigmine Pretreatment Set
NAVLNerve, Artery, Vein, Lymphatic
NCNerve Conduction
NCSNerve Conduction Studies
NCSNerve Conduction Study
NCVNerve Conduction Velocities
NCVNerve Conduction Velocity; Noncholera Vibrio
NCVSNerve Conduction Velocity Study
NENerve Ending
NENerve Excitation
NETNasoendotracheal Tube; Nerve Excitability Test; Neuroectodermal Tumor; Neuroendocrine Tumor; Norepinephrine Transporter
NFLNerve Fiber Layer; Neurofilament Protein, Light Polypeptide
NFLDNerve Fiber Layer Defect
NGCNational Guidelines Clearinghouse [database]; Nerve Guidance Conduit; Nucleus Reticularis Gigantocellularis
NGFNerve Growth Factor
NGFANerve Growth Factor Alpha
NGFBNerve Growth Factor Beta
NGFGNerve Growth Factor Gamma
NGFIANerve Growth Factor-induced Clone A

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