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A [BAND]The Dark-staining Zone Of A Striated Muscle
ACTCAlpha-actin, Cardiac Muscle
ADAbductor Digiti Minimi [muscle]
AHMAAntiheart Muscle Autoantibody
AHMAAmerican Holistic Medicine Association; Antiheart Muscle Autoantibody
AHMDAlcoholic Heart Muscle Disease
AMAArm Muscle Area
AMBAmphotericin B; Anomalous Muscle Bundle; Anteromedial Bundle; Avian Myeloblastosis
AMCArm Muscle Circumference
AMFAntimuscle Factor
AMRAcoustic Muscle Reflex
APAdductor Pollicis [muscle]
APMAnterior Papillary Muscle
ARMDAge-related Muscle Degeneration
ASMAirway Smooth Muscle
ASMAnterior Scalenus Muscle
ASMAAerospace Medical Association; Antismooth Muscle Antibody
ASMCArterial Smooth Muscle Cell
ASMDAnterior Segment Mesenchymal Dysgenesis; Atonic Sclerotic Muscle Dystrophy
BESMBovine Embryonic Skeletal Muscle
BJMBones, Joints, And Muscles
BMJBones, Muscles, Joints
BSMCBronchial Smooth Muscle Cell
C-SMARTCardiomyoplasty-Skeletal Muscle Assist Randomized Trial
CKMCreatine Kinase, Muscle Type
CKMBCreatine Kinase Muscle Band
CKMMCreatine Kinase, Muscle Type
CMCircular Muscle
CMCardiac Muscle
CMAPCompound Muscle (or Motor) Action Potential
CPMCircumference Of Papillary Muscle
CTMCricothyroid Muscle
CVSMCCultured Vascular Smooth Muscle Cells
DAOMDepressor Anguli Oris Muscle
DMCDemeclocycline; Di(p-chlorophenyl) Methylcarbinol; Direct Microscopic Count; Duration Of Muscle Contraction; Dyggve-Melchior-Clausen [syndrome]
DMRDepolarizing Muscle Relaxant
DMTDynamometer Muscle Testing
ECMEmbryonic Chick Muscle
EMAPEnvironmental Monitoring And Assessment Program [Environmental Protection Agency]; Evoked Muscle Action Potential
EMPSExertional Muscle Pain Syndrome
EMSElectrical Muscle Stimulation
EOMExtraocular Muscle
EOMIExtraocular Muscles Intact
FDIFirst Dorsal Interosseus (muscle Of The Hand)
FDIFirst Dorsal Interosseous [muscle]
FDIOFirst Dorsal Interosseous (muscle)
FTRFast-twitch Red (skeletal Muscle)
FTWFast-twitch White (skeletal Muscle)
GASTROCGastrocnemius [muscle]
GMGastrocnemius [muscle]

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