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 Abbreviations Meaning
RSORight Superior Oblique (muscle)
RSORadiation Safety Officer; Resident Surgical Officer; Right Superior Oblique [muscle]
RSRRight Superior Rectus (muscle)
RSRRectosphincteric Reflex Response-stimulus Ratio; Regular Sinus Rhythm; Relative Survival Rate; Right Superior Rectus [muscle]
RVGRight Ventral Gluteus [muscle]; Right Visceral Ganglion; Radionuclide Ventriculography
SASerratus Anterior [muscle]
SAQSaquinavir; Self-applied Questionnaire; Short Arc Quadriceps [muscle]
SAX-PMShort-axis Plane, Papillary Muscle
SCScalenus [muscle]
SCMSubclavius Muscle
SITSSupraspinatus, Infraspinatus, Teres Minor, Subscapularis [shoulder Muscles Comprising The Rotator Cuff]
SKMSkeletal Muscle
SMSmooth Muscle
SMASmooth Muscle Antibody
SMAFSmooth Muscle Activating Factor
SMAFSmooth Muscle Activating Factor; Specific Macrophage Arming Factor
SMCSmooth Muscle Cell
SMCScientific Manpower Commission; Smooth Muscle Cell; Somatomedin C; Succinylmonocholine; Supernumerary Marker Chromosome; Suture-mediated Closure
SMCASmooth Muscle Contracting Agent
SMCASmooth Muscle Contracting Agent; Suckling Mouse Cataract Agent
SMHCSmooth Muscle Heavy Chain Myosin
SMMHCSmooth Muscle Myosin Heavy Chain
SMRSkeletal Muscle Relaxant
SMVSkeletal Muscle Ventricle; Superior Mesenteric Vein
SOSuperior Oblique [muscle]
SOMSuperior Oblique Muscle
SRMSpontaneous Rupture Of Membranes; Standard Reference Material; Superior Rectus Muscle
STRSlow-twitch Red (skeletal Muscle)
TATibialis Anterior [muscle]
TBMMTotal Body Muscle Mass
TMTemporalis Muscle
TPThyropharyngeus Muscle
TRAMTransverse Rectus Abdominis Muscle
TRAPCarpal Tunnel Syndrome, Raynaud Phenomenon, Aching Muscles, Proximal Muscle Weakness [rheumatic Disorders Associated With Hypothyroidism]
TVPTensor Veli Palatini [muscle]
VLVastus Lateralis [muscle]
VMVentricular Muscle
VMMembrane Potential; Muscle Volume; Maximum Velocity
VMOVastus Medialis Obliquus (a Muscle)
VMOVastus Medialis Obliquus [muscle]; Visiting Medical Officer
VMTVasomotor Tonus; Ventilatory Muscle Training; Ventromedial Tegmentum
VSMVascular Smooth Muscle
VSMCVascular Smooth Muscle Cell

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