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 Abbreviations Meaning
MMTAlpha-methyl-m-tyrosine; Manual Muscle Test; Microcephaly-mesobrachydactyly-tracheoesophageal Fistula [syndrome]; Mouse Mammary Tumor
MPMMedial Pterygoid Muscle
MRMedial Rectus [muscle]
MRFMuscle Regulatory Factor
MROMaster Reference Oscillator; Medical Review Officer; Minimal Recognizable Odor; Muscle Receptor Organ
MRTMuscle Response Test
MSCMuscle Satellite Cells
MSCMuscle Score
MSEMuscle-specific Enolase
MSPMuscle Spasm
MSRMuscle Stretch Reflex
MTManual Traction; Maximal Therapy; More Than; Muscles And Tendons; Muscle Test
MULIBREYMuscle-liver-brain-eye Nanism Or Dwarfism
MUSCMuscle, Musculature, Muscular
MVCMuscle Vasoconstriction
MYH11Smooth Muscle Myosin Heavy Chain (gene 16p13)
N&MNerves And Muscles
N&MNerves And Muscles; Night And Morning
NDMRNondepolarizing Muscle Relaxant
NLMCNocturnal Leg Muscle Cramp
NRASMCNeonatal Rat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell
OCOrbicularis Oculi [muscle]
OMDOcular Muscle Dystrophy; Oculomandibulodyscephaly; Orbital Maxillary Disjunction; Organic Mental Disorder; Oromandibular Dystonia
OOObject-oriented; Oophorectomy; Orbicularis Oculi [muscle]
OROrbicularis Oris [muscle]
OVSMCOvine Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell
PCGPubococcygeus [muscle]
PFKMPhosphofructokinase, Muscle Type
PHMMaster Of Pharmacy [Lat. Pharmaciae Magister]; Pharyngeal Muscle
PKMProtein Kinase M; Pyruvate Kinase, Muscle
PLDPosterior Latissimus Dorsi [muscle]
PMPapillary Muscle
PMPectinate Muscle
PMPectoralis Major [muscle]
PMEPelvic Muscle Exercise
PMIPsoas Minor Muscle
PPMPosterior Papillary Muscle
PPPMAProgressive Postpolio Muscle Atrophy
QMTQuantitative Muscle Testing
QMTQuantitative Muscle Test
RAMRectus Abdominis Muscle
RASMCRat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell
RECTRectal; Rectification, Rectified; Rectum; Rectus [muscle]
RIRRelative Incidence Rates; Right Interior Rectus [muscle]
RLRRight Lateral Rectus [muscle]
RMRespiratory Muscle
RMRRelative Maximum Respone; Repair-misrepair Model; Resting Metabolic Rate; Right Medial Rectus [muscle]
RMSRespiratory Muscle Strength
RRFRagged Red Fiber; Residual Renal Function; Ribosome Recycling Factor; Rigid Rectus Femoris [muscle]

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