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Muscles Page 2

 Abbreviations Meaning
HAODMHypoplasia Anguli Oris Depressor Muscle
HASMHuman Airway Smooth Muscle
HASMCHuman Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell
HHMHigh Humidity Mask; Hodgkin-Huxley Equation For Muscles; Humoral Hypercalcemia Of Malignancy
HUSMCHuman Smooth Muscle Cell
IMInspiratory Muscles
IMTIndomethacin; Induced Muscular Tension; Inspiratory Muscle Training; Intimal Mean Thickness
IRInferior Rectus [muscle]
ISMIndustrial-scientific-medical [telemedicine, Wireless Transmission]; Information Source Map [UMLS]; International Society Of Microbiologists; Intersegmental Muscle
LATLatissimus Dorsi [muscle]
LD5Isoenzyme Of Lactate Dehydrogenase Found In The Liver And Muscles
LDMLactate Dehydrogenase, Muscle; Limited Dorsal Myeloschisis
LHBLong Head Of Biceps [muscle]; Luteinizing Hormone Beta Chain
LLDLeft Lateral Decubitus [muscle]; Leg Length Discrepancy; Limb Length Discrepancy; Lipid-lowering Drug; Long-lasting Depolarization
LLRLeft Lateral Rectus [muscle]
LMLaryngeal Muscle
LMRLeft Medial Rectus [muscle]; Localized Magnetic Resonance; Longitudinal Medical Record; Lymphocytic Meningopolyradiculitis
LPLateralis Posterior [muscle]
LPMLateral Pterygoid Muscle; Leverage And Parallelepiped Mechanism [computer-assisted Surgery]; Liver Plasma Membrane
LPSLevator Palpebrae Superioris [muscle]
LRLateral Rectus [muscle]
LSRLanthanide Shift Reagent; Lecithin/ Sphingomyelin Ratio; Left Superior Rectus [muscle]; Liver/spleen Ratio
MAMuscle Activity
MAD, MADAMuscle Adenylate Deaminase; Myoadenylate Deaminase
MAMCMean Arm Muscle Circumference
MAPAMuscle Adenosine Phosphoric Acid
MBMuscle Balance
MBFMedullary Blood Flow; Mesenteric Blood Flow; Muscle Blood Flow; Myocardial Blood Flow
MCBMMuscle Capillary Basement Membrane
MCDMuscle Carnitine Deficiency
MCHMuscle Contraction Headache
MCIMuscle Contraction Interference
MDSCMuscle-derived Stem Cell
MEMuscle Examination
MEBMedical Evaluation Board; Muscle-eye-brain [disease]
MEBSMuscle-eye-brain Syndrome
MEMRSMiddle Ear Muscle Reflexes
MFCVMuscle Fiber Conduction Velocity
MFTMuscle Function Test
MFTMultifocal Atrial Tachycardia; Muscle Function Test
MGMedial Gastrocnemius [muscle]
MGMuscle Group
MMMuscle Mass
MMMethylmalonyl; Millimeter; Mucous Membrane; Muscles
MM STMuscle Strength
MMPMatrix Metalloproteinase; Maximum Maintained Pressure; Muscle Mechanical Power
MMRMasseter Muscle Rigidity
MMSTMuscle Strength
MMTManual Muscle Test

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