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Lungs Bronchial And Pulmonary Page 9

 Abbreviations Meaning
PIEPulmonary Infiltration With Eosinophilia
PIEPostinfectious Encephalomyelitis; Preimplantation Embryo; Prosthetic Infectious Endocarditis; Pulmonary Infiltration With Eosinophilia; Pulmonary Interstitial Emphysema
PIOPEDProspective Investigation Of Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis [database]
PIPEPersistent Interstitial Pulmonary Emphysema
PISA-PEDProspective Investigative Study Of Acute Pulmonary Embolism Diagnosis
PLTranspulmonary Pressure
PLFPerilymphatic Fistula; Posterior Lung Fiber
PLNAPercutaneous Lung Needle Aspiration
PLSPulmonary Leukostasis Syndrome
PMLPulmonary Microlithiasis
PMTTPulmonary Mean Transit Time
PNLAPercutaneous Needle Lung Aspiration
PPAPulmonary Artery Pressure
PPAPosterior Margin Of Pulmonary Artery
PPAPosterior Pulmonary Artery
PPAPure Pulmonary Atresia
PPASPeripheral Pulmonary Artery Stenosis
PPAWPulmonary Artery Wedge Pressure
PPEPulmonary Permeability Edema
PPHPersistent Pulmonary Hypertension
PPHPrimary Pulmonary Hypertension
PPHNPersistent Pulmonary Hypertension Of The Newborn
PPLPenicilloyl Polylysine; Posterior Pulmonary Leaflet
PPTPulmonary Platelet Trapping
PPTPulmonary Physical Therapy
PPVPulmonary Plasma Volume
PPVRRegional Pulmonary Plasma Volume
PPWPulmonary Wedge Pressure
PSAPPeak Systolic Aortic Pressure; Primary Public Safety Answering Point; Prosaposin; Pulmonary Surfactant Apoprotein
PSHVPulmonary Syndrome Hantavirus
PSPPulmonary Surfactant Apoprotein
PSRPulmonary Stretch Receptor
PTBPulmonary Tuberculosis
PTBNAProtected Transbronchial Needle Aspirate
PTCERPulmonary Transcapillary Escape Rate
PTEParathyroid Extract; Posttraumatic Epilepsy; Pretibial Edema; Proximal Tibial Epiphysis; Pulmonary Thromboembolism
PTEDPulmonary Thromboembolic Disease
PTPTranspulmonary Pressure
PTPIPosttraumatic Pulmonary Insufficiency
PTTPulmonary Transit Time
PUDPulmonary Disease
PUL, PUL, PULMPulmonary
PVAPulmonary Venous Atrial
PVCPulmonary Venous Capillaries
PVCPulmonary Venous Confluence
PVCPulmonary Venous Congestion
PVDPulmonary Valvular Dysplasia
PVDPulmonary Vascular Disease
PVGPeriventricular Gray Matter; Pulmonary Valve Gradient
PVHParaventricular Hyperintensity; Pulmonary Venous Hypertension

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