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Liver And Hepatic Page 5

 Abbreviations Meaning
HOPPHepatic Occluded Portal Pressure
HPHepatic Porphyria
HPEHepatic Portoenterostomy; High-permeability Edema; History And Physical Examination; Holoprosencephaly; Hydrostatic Permeability Edema
HPFHepatic Plasma Flow
HPIHepatic Perfusion Index; High Pathogenicity Island; History Of Present Illness
HPVHemophilus Pertussis Vaccine; Hepatic Portal Vein; Human Papillomavirus; Human Parvovirus; Hypoxic Pulmonary Vasoconstriction
HPVGHepatic Portal Venous Gas
HREHepatic Reticuloendothelial [cell]; High-resolution Electrocardiography; Hormone Receptor Enzyme; Hormone Response Element
HSDOHealth Services Delivery Organization
HTGLHepatic Triglyceride Lipase
HVHepatic Vein
HVHepatitis Virus
HVEHepatic Venous Effluence; High-voltage Electrophoresis
HVPGHepatic Venous Pressure Gradient
HVRHepatic Vascular Resistance; Hypervariable Region; Hypoxic Ventilation Response
HVWPHepatic Vein Wedge Pressure
HWIHepatic Weight Index
HWPHepatic Wedge Pressure; Hot Wet Pack
IASLInternational Association For Study Of The Liver
ICHInfectious Canine Hepatitis
ICPIntrahepatic Cholestasis Of Pregnancy
IDIImmunologically Detectable Insulin; Induction-delivery Interval; Inter-dentale Inferius
IDNIntegrated Delivery Network
IDSIntegrated Delivery System
IDSRNIntegrated Delivery System Research Network
IDTImmune Diffusion Test; Instillation Delivery Time; Interdisciplinary Team; Intradermal Typhoid [vaccine]
IEInvolvement Of A Single Extrahepatic Organ Or Site [Ann Arbor Staging System For Hodgkin Disease]
IHInfectious Hepatitis
IHAIdiopathic Hyperaldosteronism; Indirect Hemagglutination; Indirect Hemagglutination Antibody; Intrahepatic Atresia
IHCIntrahepatic Cholestasis
IHHIdiopathic Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism; Idiopathic Hypothalamic Hypogonadism; Infectious Human Hepatitis
IHPCIntrahepatic Cholestasis
IHPHIntrahepatic Portal Hypertension
IHRInternational Health Regulations; Intrahepatic Resistance; Intrinsic Heart Rate
IIELocalized Involvement Of An Extrahepatic Organ Or Site [Ann Arbor Staging System For Hodgkin Disease]
IIIELocalized Involvement Of An Extrahepatic Organ Or Site [Ann Arbor Staging System For Hodgkin Disease]
IIISELocalized Involvement Of An Extrahepatic Organ And Spleen [Ann Arbor Staging System For Hodgkin Disease]
ILSInfrared Liver Scanner
IPPIntrahepatic Partial Pressure
IPRLIsolated Perfused Rat Liver Or Lung
ISHIcteric Serum Hepatitis
IUPDIntrauterine Pregnancy Delivered
KLSKidney, Liver, Spleen
KLSKidneys, Liver, And Spleen; Kreuzbein Lipomatous Syndrome
L&DLabor And Delivery
L&ILiver And Iron
L&SLiver And Spleen
L/PLactate/pyruvate [ratio]; Liver Plasma [concentration]; Lymph/plasma [ratio]

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