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Liver And Hepatic Page 4

 Abbreviations Meaning
HBSHepatitis B Surface [antigen]
HBSABHepatitis B Surface Antibody
HBSAB/AGHepatitis B Surface Antibody/antigen
HBSAGHepatitis B Surface Antigen
HBSAGHepatitis B Surface Virus
HBSAG, HBSAG, HBSAG, HBSAGHepatitis B Surface Antigen
HBSAG/ADRHepatitis B Surface Antigen Manifesting Group-specific Determinant A And Subtype-specific Determinants D And R
HBVHepatitis B Virus
HBVHepatitis B Vaccine; Hepatitis B Virus; High Biological Value
HBV-MNMembranous Nephropathy Associated With Hepatitis B Virus
HBVSHepatitis B Virus Integration Site
HCHepatic Catalase
HCHepatitis C
HCAHepatic Cell Adenomas
HCCHepatitis Contagiosa Canis
HCDHealth Care Delivery
HCTDHepatic Computed Tomography Density
HCVHepatitis C Virus
HCVHepatitis C Virus; Hog Cholera Virus
HDAGHepatitis Delta Antigen
HDSHealth Delivery System
HDVHemorrhagic Disease Virus; Hepatitis D Virus, Hepatitis Delta Virus
HEHepatic Encephalopathy
HELLPHemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes, Low Platelets Syndrome
HELLPHemolysis, Elevated Liver Enzymes, And Low Platelet Count [syndrome]
HEPHepatic; Hepatitis
HEP A, HEPAHepatitis A
HEP B, HEPBHepatitis B
HEP CHepatitis C
HEP DHepatitis D
HEPBSAGHepatitis B Surface Antigen
HEVHepatitis Virus
HEVHepatitis E Virus
HFDHigh Forceps Delivery
HGOHepatic Glucose Output; Human Glucose Output
HGPHepatic Glucose Production; Human Genome Project; Hyperglobulinemic Purpura
HGVHepatitis G Virus
HHHalothane Hepatitis
HHAVHuman Hepatitis A Virus
HIDAHepatic Iminodiacetic Acid (imaging Or Scanning)
HIMHealth Information Management; Hepatitis-infectious Mononucleosis; Hexosephosphate Isomerase; Hyperimmunoglobulin M
HIMCHepatic Intramitochondrial Crystalloid
HIPSHeparin Delivery With Infusasleeve Catheter Prior To Stent Implantation [study]
HLHepatic Lipase
HLFHeat-labile Factor; Hepatic Leukemia Factor; High-level Fluoroscopy
HLKHeart, Liver, Kidney
HLNHilar Lymph Node; Hyperplastic Liver Nodules
HLPHepatic Lipoperoxidation; Hind Leg Paralysis; Holoprosencephaly; Hyperkeratosis Lenticularis Perstans; Hyperlipoproteinemia
HOFHepatic Outflow

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