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Heart Page 7

 Abbreviations Meaning
REMATCHRandomized Evaluation Of Mechanical Assistance In The Treatment Of Congestive Heart Failure [study]
RHRight Heart
RHBRegional Hospital Board [UK]; Right Heart Bypass
RHCRight Heart Catheterization
RHDRheumatic Heart Disease
RHDRadiological Health Data; Relative Hepatic Dullness; Renal Hypertensive Disease; Rheumatic Heart Disease
RHFRestricted Hartree-Fock [level]; Right Heart Failure
RHMVRight Heart Mixing Volume
RHRRenal Hypertensive Rat; Resting Heart Rate
RHRVRelative Heart Rate Variability
RIHDRadiation-induced Heart Disease
RK[heart Function] Restitution Constant
RPPHeart Rate-systolic Blood Pressure Product; Rate-pressure Produce; Retropubic Prostatectomy
RT[heart] Repolarization Time
RUTHRaloxifene Use For The Heart [study]
RVHDRheumatic Valvular Heart Disease
S1-S4First To Fourth Heart Sounds
SACStretch-activated Channel [heart Contraction]
SACCATStretch-activated Channel-cations [heart Contraction]
SAHSSan Antonio Heart Study; Sleep Apnea-hypersomnolence [syndrome]
SCD-HEFTSudden Cardiac Death In Heart Failure: Trial Of Prophylactic Amiodarone Vs Implantable Defibrillator Therapy
SDHDSudden Death Heart Disease
SDIHDSudden Death Ischemic Heart Disease
SHARESource Of Help In Airing And Resolving Experiences; Study Of Heart Assessment And Risk In Ethnic Groups
SHARPScottish Heart And Arterial Disease Risk Prevention [program]
SHDSatellite Hemodialysis [telemedicine]; Sudden Heart Death
SHHSScottish Heart Health Study; Sleep Heart Health Study
SHSSayre Head Sling; Sheep Hemolysate Supernatant; Strong Heart Study; Sutterland-Haan Syndrome
SHVRCShiley Heart Valve Research Center [project]
SIDStress-induced [heart] Depolarization
SIHDSPSStockholm Ischemic Heart Disease Secondary Prevention Study
SOMSustained Outward Movement [heart]
SPSlow Pathway [heart Electrical Activity]
SPWVDSmooth Pseudo-Winger-Ville Distribution [heart Rate Signal]
ST/HRST Segment [ECG] Depression With Exercise Divided By Changes In Heart Rate
STAT-CHFSurvival Trial Of Antiarrhythmic Therapy In Congestive Heart Failure
STRETCHSymptom Tolerability Response To Exercise Trial Of Candesartan Cilexetil In Patients With Heart Failure
SYMPHONYSibrafiban Vs Aspirin To Yield Maximum Protection From Ischemic Heart Events Postacute Coronary Syndromes [trial]
TAHTotal Abdominal Hysterectomy; Total Artificial Heart
TCITo Come In [open Heart Surgery Program At Cleveland Clinic]
TEAHATThrombolysis Early In Acute Heart Attack Trial
THBTetrahydrobiopterin; Thrombocyte B; Todd-Hewitt Broth; Total Heart Beats
THDThomsen Disease; Transverse Heart Diameter
THRTargeted Heart Rate; Threonine; Thyroid Hormone Receptor; Total Hip Replacement; Transhepatic Resistance
THSTeebe Hypertelorism Syndrome; Tetrahydro-compound S; Thrombohemorrhagic Syndrome; Tolosa-Hunt Syndrome; Tromso Study; Turkish Heart Study
TIAHTotal Implantation Of Artificial Heart
TNTTreatment To New Target [study Of Effectiveness Of Atorvastatin In Coronary Heart Disease]
UD-AHFUD-CG 115 BS In Acute Heart Failure [study]
UHRUnderlying Heart Rhythm
UKHASUnited Kingdom Heart Attack Study

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