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 Abbreviations Meaning
EHEnlarged Heart
EHVEdge Hill Virus; Electric Heart Vector; Epidermal Hyperplasia Virus; Equid Herpesvirus
EHVTEdinburgh Heart Valve Trial
EIHDWEvaluation Of Ischemic Heart Disease In Women [study]
ELVD-CHFExercise In Left Ventricular Dysfunction And Chronic Heart Failure [trial]
ENRICADEnhancing Recovery In Coronary Heart Disease [trial]
ENRICHDEnchancing Recovery In Coronary Heart Disease Patients [trial]
ESCAPEEvaluation Study Of Congestive Heart Failure And Pulmonary Artery Catheterization Effectiveness
EUROWINTEREuropean Study On Cold Exposure And Winter Mortality From Ischemic Heart Disease
FBPMForward-backward Prony Method [spectral Analysis Of Heart Sounds]
FHFetal Heart
FHFFetal Heart Frequency; Fulminant Hepatic Failure
FHHFamilial Hypocalciuric Hypercalcemia; Fawn-hooded Hypertensive [rat]; Fetal Heart Heard
FHNHFetal Heart Not Heard
FHRFetal Heart Rate
FHRFamilial Hypophosphatemic Rickets; Fetal Heart Rate
FHRNSTFetal Heart Rate Nonstress Test
FHSFetal Heart Sounds
FHSFamily Heart Study
FHSFetal Heart Sound
FHSFramingham Heart Study
FHTFetal Heart Tones
FHTFast Hartley Transform; Fetal Heart; Fetal Heart Tone
FPFast Pathway [heart Electrical Activity]
GWTGGet With The Guidelines [American Heart Association]
H&LHeart And Lung [machine]
H-L-KHeart, Liver, And Kidneys
H1First [heart] Sound; Halistatin; Protium
H2Deuterium; Second [heart] Sound
HALHeart Attacks In London [study]
HAPORTHeart Attack Patient Outcome Research Team [study]
HAPPHYHeart Attack Primary Prevention In Hypertension
HASHDHypertensive Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
HBHeart Block
HBPHeartbeat Period; Hepatic Binding Protein; High Blood Pressure; Hospital-based Practice
HCHeart Catheterization
HCHeart Cycle
HCAHeart Cell Aggregate
HDHeart Disease
HDDRISCHeart Disease And Diabetes Risk Indicators In A Screened Cohort [study]
HDHHeart Disease History
HDPHeart Disease Program [computerized Diagnosis]; Hexose Diphosphate; High-density Polyethylene; Hydrogen Diphosphonate; Hydroxydimethylpyrimidine
HDRFHeart Disease Research Foundation
HEFTHeart Failure Trial
HEHRHighest Equivalent Heart Rate
HELPHeart European Leaders Panel [study]
HERSHeart And Estrogen-Progestin Replacement Study
HFHeart Failure

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