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 Abbreviations Meaning
BSMBachelor Of Science In Medicine; Bjrk-Shiley Monostrut [prosthetic Heart Valve]; Body Surface Mapping
CAHDCoronary Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
CARMENCarvedilol Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors Remodelling Mild Heart Failure Evaluation
CASCOCalcium Sensitization In Congestive Heart Failure
CASHDCoronary Arteriosclerotic Heart Disease
CCFCongestive Heart Failure
CCHDCyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
CCHDCaephilly Collaborative Heart Disease [study]; Cyanotic Congenital Heart Disease
CCHPConsumer Choice Health Plan; Corpus Christi Heart Project
CCHSCongenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome; Copenhagen City Heart Study
CEHCCalf Embryonic Heart Cell; Cost-effective Healthcare
CESNA IIComparative Efficacy And Safety Of Nisoldipine And Amlodipine [in Hypertension With Ischemic Heart Disease]
CHANGEChronic Heart Failure And Graded Exercise [study]
CHAOSCambridge Heart Antioxidant Study; Cardiovascular Disease, Hypertension And Hyperlipidemia, Adult-onset Diabetes, Obesity, And Stroke [study]
CHAPSCarvedilol Heart Attack Pilot Study; 3[3-cholaminopropyl Diethylammonio]-1-propane Sulfonate
CHARGEColoboma, Heart Disease, Atresia Choanae, Retarded Growth And Retarded Development And/or CNS Anomalies, Genital Hypoplasia, And Ear Anomalies And/or Deafness [syndrome]
CHARMCandesartan In Heart Failure Assessment In Reduction Of Mortality
CHBChronic Hepatitis B; Complete Heart Block; Congenital Heart Block
CHDCongenital Heart Disease
CHDCongenital Or Congestive Heart Disease
CHDCoronary Heart Disease
CHDCyanotic Heart Disease
CHFChronic Heart Failure
CHFCongestive Heart Failure
CHF-IESCongestive Heart Failure-Italian Epidemiological Study
CHF-STATCongestive Heart Failure-Survival Trial Of Antiarrhythmic Therapy
CHFDTCongestive Heart Failure Data Tool
CHIMEColoboma, Heart Anomaly, Ichthyosis, Mental Retardation, Ear Abnormality
CHLSCombined Heart And Lung Surgery
CHOICECaring For Hypertension On Initiation: Cost And Effectiveness [study]; Congestive Heart Failure Mortality: Investigation On Carvedilol's Efficacy
CHOICESCancer, Heart Disease, Osteoporosis Interventions, And Community Evaluation Studies
CHSCharleston Heart Study
CHSCongenital Heart Surgeons Society [study]
CHSCopenhagen City Heart Study
CHSCoronary Heart Study
CHTClassical Heart Transplantation
CLAClosed Loop Algorithm [for Infusion Of Catecholamine In Heart Stress Test]
CLHCleft Limb-heart (syndrome)
CLHChronic Lobular Hepatitis; Cleft Limb-heart [syndrome]; Corpus Luteum Hormone; Cutaneous Lymphoid Hyperplasia
CMCarboMedics (heart Valves)
CMHCardiomyopathy, Hypertrophic; Community Mental Health [services Or Program]; Congenital Malformation Of The Heart
CNTHMConotruncal Heart Malformation
COMMITCommunity Intervention Trial [for Smoking Cessation]; Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Interventional Trial [for Regression Of Coronary Heart Disease]
CONGHDCongenital Heart Disease
CSCHDSCaerphilly And Speedwell Collaborative Heart Disease Studies
CVHDChronic Valvular Heart Disease
DAHDiffuse Alveolar Hemorrhage; Disordered Action Of The Heart
DHFSDiet-Heart Feasibility Study
DIAMOND-CHFDanish Investigation Of Arrhythmia And Mortality On Dofetilide In Congestive Heart Failure
DRFSDundee Rank Factor Score [risk Factors In Coronary Heart Disease]

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