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Fetus And Fetal Page 3

 Abbreviations Meaning
LMALeft Mentoanterior [fetal Position]
LMPLeft Mentoposterior [fetal Position]
LMTLeft Main Trunk; Left Mentotransverse [fetal Position]; Leukocyte Migration Technique
LOALeave Of Absence; Leber Optic Atrophy; Left Occipitoanterior [fetal Position]
LOLLeft Occipitolateral [fetal Position]
LOPLeave On Pass; Left Occipitoposterior [fetal Position]
LOTLateral Olfactory Tract; Left Occipitotransverse [fetal Position]; Long-Term Outcome After Thrombolysis [study]
LSALeft Sacro-anterior [fetal Position]; Left Subclavian Artery; Leukocyte-specific Activity; Lichen Sclerosus Et Atrophicus; Lymphosarcoma
LSCALeft Scapulo-anterior [fetal Position]
LSCPLeft Scapulo-posterior [fetal Position]
LSLLeft Sacrolateral [fetal Position]; Left Short Leg; Lymphosarcoma [cell] Leukemia
LSPLeft Sacroposterior [fetal Position]; Linguistic String Project; Liver-specific Protein; Lymphocyte-specific Protein
LSTLateral Spinothalamic Tract; Lateral Spreading Tumor; Left Sacrotransverse [fetal Position]; Life-sustaining Treatment
MAMentum Anterior [fetal Position]
MDARight Mentoanterior [fetal Position]
MDPRight Mentoposterior [fetal Position]
MDTRight Mentotransverse [fetal Position]
MEM-FBSMinimal Essential Medium With Fetal Bovine Serum
MFPRMultifetal Pregnancy Reduction
MLALeft Mentoanterior [fetal Position]; Medical Library Association; Mesiolabial; Monocytic Leukemia, Acute
MLPLeft Mentoposterior [fetal Position]
MLTLeft Mentotransverse [fetal Position]; Mean Latency Time; Median Lethal Time; Medical Laboratory Technician
N-FASNeurogenic Fetal Akinesia Sequence
NHFNonimmune Hydrops Fetalis
OB-USObstetrical Ultrasound [examination Of The Fetus]
ODARight Occipitoanterior [fetal Position, Lat. Occipito-dextra Anterior]
ODPOffspring Of Diabetic Parents; Open Distributed Processing; Right Occipitoposterior [fetal Position, Lat. Occipito-dextra Posterior]
ODTOculodynamic Tract; Right Occipitotransverse [fetal Position, Lat. Occipito-dextra Transversa]
OFAOncofetal Antigen
OLALeft Occipitoanterior [fetal Position, Lat. Occipito-laeva Anterior]; Oligonucleotide Ligation Assay
OLPLeft Occipitoposterior [fetal Position, Lat. Occipito-laeva Posterior]
OLTLeft Occipitotransverse [fetal Position]; Orthotopic Liver Transplantation
PFCPersistent Fetal Circulation
PHFGPrimary Human Fetal Glia
PIFGPoor Intrauterine Fetal Growth
PMPPersistent Mentoposterior [fetal Position]
POAPancreatic Oncofetal Antigen; Phalangeal Osteoarthritis; Preoptic Area; Primary Optic Atrophy
POPPersistent Occipitoposterior [fetal Position]
PPROMPreterm Premature Rupture Of Fetal Membranes
PRFMPremature Rupture Of Fetal Membranes
PROMPremature Rupture Of Fetal Membranes
PROMProlonged Rupture Of Fetal Membranes
RDARight Dorsoanterior [fetal Position]
RDPRight Dorsoposterior [fetal Position]
RFARight Frontoanterior [fetal Position]
RFLRight Frontolateral [fetal Position]
RFPRapid Filling Period; Recurrent Facial Paralysis; Request For Proposal; Right Frontoposterior [fetal Position]
RFTRespiratory Function Test; Right Frontotransverse [fetal Position]; Rod-and-frame Test
RMARight Mentoanterior [fetal Position]
RMPRight Mentoposterior [fetal Position]

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