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Eyes And Ocular Page 3

 Abbreviations Meaning
IRMAImmunoradiometric Assay; Intraretinal Microvascular Abnormalities
IRPIntraocular Retinal Prosthesis
ISMEDInternational Society On Metabolic Eye Disorders
ISPIntraocular Silicone Prosthesis
ITRIntraocular Tension Recorder; Intratracheal; Inverted Terminal Repeat; Isotretinoin
LELeft Eye
LEMLateral Eye Movement
LEOPARDLentigines, EKG Abnormalities, Ocular Hypertelorism, Pulmonary Stenosis, Abnormalities Of Genitalia, Retardation Of Growth, And Deafness [syndrome]
LLLower [eye]lid
LLLLeft Lower [eye]lid
LLLELower Lid Left Eye
LLRELower Lid Right Eye
LOGICLaryngeal And Ocular Granulations In Children Of Indian Subcontinent [syndrome]
LRLateral Retinaculum
LRCMBLaboratory Of Retinal Cell And Molecular Biology
LULLeft Upper Eyelid; Left Upper Limb; Left Upper Lobe; Left Upper Lung
LVETLeft Ventricular Ejection Time; Low Volume Eye Test
MARSMagnetic Anchor Retinal Stimulation
MEBMedical Evaluation Board; Muscle-eye-brain [disease]
MEBSMuscle-eye-brain Syndrome
MEHMedical Eye History
MLCNMultilocular Cystic Nephroma
MOCMaximum Oxygen Consumption; Metronidazole, Omeprazole, Clarithromycin; Multiple Ocular Coloboma
MOMOMacrosomia-obesity-macrocephaly-ocular Abnormalities [syndrome]
MPRMassive Preretinal Retraction
MULIBREYMuscle-liver-brain-eye Nanism Or Dwarfism
MVRMassive Vitreous Reaction; Microvitreoretinal; Minimal Vascular Resistance; Mitral Valve Replacement
NEINational Eye Institute
NETSNational Eye Trauma System; Network For Employers For Traffic Safety
NOHANominal Ocular Hazard Area
NON-REMNon-rapid Eye Movement [sleep]
NOPNo Ocular Pain; Not Otherwise Provided For
NRNeural Retina
NRCNormal Retinal Correspondence
NREMNonrapid Eye Movement [sleep]
NVIIris Neovascularization
OEye [Lat. Oculus]
OEye [Lat. Oculus]; Opening; Ovary Transplant; Pint [Lat. Octarius]; See Omicron
O2Both Eyes; Diatomic Oxygen; Molecular Oxygen
OAOcular Albinism
OASDOcular Albinism-sensorineural Deafness [syndrome]
OCPOcular Cicatricial Pemphigoid
OD(oculus Dexter) Right Eye
ODRight Eye [Lat. Oculus Dexter]
OHSOcular Histoplasmosis Syndrome
OHTOcular Hypertension; Orthotopic Heart Transplantation; Oslo Heart Trial
OLLeft Eye [Lat. Oculus Laevus]
OMOcular Movement
OMDOcular Muscle Dystrophy; Oculomandibulodyscephaly; Orbital Maxillary Disjunction; Organic Mental Disorder; Oromandibular Dystonia

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