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Eyes And Ocular Page 2

 Abbreviations Meaning
EEPIExtraretinal Eye Position Information
EMEmbden-Meyerhof [pathway]
EMDREye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing
EMDREggplant Mottled Dwarf [virus]; Eye Movement Desensitization And Reprocessing
EMGElectromyogram, Electromyography; Eye Movement Gauge; Exomphalosmacroglossia-gigantism [syndrome]
EMMAEye Movement Measuring Apparatus
EMPEmbden-Meyerhof Pathway
EMREye Movement Record
EMVEggplant Mosaic Virus; Equine Morbillivirus; Eye, Motor, Voice [Glasgow Coma Scale]
EOEarly-onset; Eosinophil; Ethylene Oxide; Eyes Open
EOMExtraocular Movements
EOMEqual Ocular Movement
EOMExtraocular Movement
EOMExtraocular Muscle
EOM NLExtraocular Eye Movements Normal
EOMIExtraocular Movements Intact
EOMIExtraocular Muscles Intact
EOXEye Oximeter
ERFEye Research Foundation
FACESFamily Adaptability And Cohesion Evaluation Scale; Unique Facies, Anorexia, Cachexia, And Eye And Skin Lesions [syndrome]
FBCODForeign Body Of The Cornea, Oculus Dexter (right Eye)
FBCOSForeign Body Of The Cornea, Oculus Sinister (left Eye)
FEDField Emission Display; Figure Eight Distribution; Fish Eye Disease
GEDGraves' Eye Disease
GOMBOGrowth Retardation-ocular Abnormalities-microcephaly-brachycephaly-oligophrenia [syndrome]
GULHEMPGeneral Physique, Upper Extremity, Lower Extremity, Hearing, Eyesight, Mentality, And Personality [workplace Evaluation Scale]
HARDHydrocephalus-agyria-retinal Dysplasia [syndrome]
HARD +/- EHydrocephalus-agyria-retinal Dysplasia Plus Or Minus Encephalocele [syndrome]
HARHHigh-altitude Retinal Hemorrhage
HEENTHead, Ears, Eyes, Nose, And Throat
HRTHeart Rate; Heidelberg Retinal Tomography; Hormone Replacement Therapy; Hormone Replacement Trial
HSMHealth System Model; Heparin Surface-modified [intra-ocular Lens]; Hepatosplenomegaly; Hierarchical Storage Management; Holosystolic Murmur
ICEIchthyosis-cheek-eyebrow [syndrome]
ICLIdiopathic CD4 T-cell Lymphocytopenia; Implantable Contact Lens; Intracranial Lesion; Iris-clip Lens; Isocitrate Lyase
IEFInternational Eye Foundation; Isoelectric Focusing
ILIntraocular Lens
IMAIrish Medical Association
IOIncisal Opening; Inferior Oblique; Inferior Olive; Internal Os; Interorbital; Intestinal Obstruction; Intraocular; Intraoperative; Intra-osseous
IOFBIntraocular Foreign Body
IOLIntraocular Lens
IOLInduction Of Labor; Intraocular Lens
IOPIntraocular Pressure
IOPImproving Organizational Performance; Intraocular Pressure
IOTIntraocular Tension; Intraocular Transfer; Ipsilateral Optic Tectum
IOVAIntraocular Vision Aid
IPDInterocular Phase Difference
IPEIris Pigment Epithelium
IREIsolated Rabbit Eye
IRMAIntraretinal Microvascular Abnormalities

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