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Cell And Cells Page 8

 Abbreviations Meaning
EPCEndothelial Progenitor Cell; End-plate Current; Epilepsia Partialis Continua; Evidence-based Practice Center; External Pneumatic Compression
EPIEpithelial Cells
EPSExtracellular Polysaccharide
EPSExtracellular Protein Secretion
ER-PBMCE-rosette-negative Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell
ERCErythropoietin-responsive Cell
ERKExtracellular Signal-regulated Kinase
ESCErythropoietin-sensitive Stem Cell
ESCCEpidural Spinal Cord Compression; Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
ETSExtracellular Transport System
EXCExcellent; Except; Exchange; Excision
EXCEEDExcellence Center For Eliminating Ethnic/racial Disparities
FA Conjugative Plasmid In F+ Bacterial Cells
FA Cell That Donates F Factor In Bacterial Conjugation
F + CFlare And Cells
F+A Bacterial Cell Having An F Plasmid
F-A Bacterial Cell Lacking An F Plasmid
FACSFluorescence-activated Cell Sorter
FACSFellow Of The American College Of Surgeons; Fluorescence-activated Cell Sorter
FACSCANFluorescence Associated Cell Sorter Scan
FBECFetal Bovine Endothelial Cell
FCCFederal Communications Commission; Follicular Center Cells; Food Chemicals Codex
FCCLFollicular Center Cell Lymphoma
FCFCFibroblast Colony-forming Cell
FCIFixed-cell Immunofluorescence; Folded Cell Index; Food Chemical Intolerance
FCLFibroblast Cell Line
FCPF-cell Production; Femoral Hole Coronal Positioning; Final Common Pathway; Functional Communication Profile
FDCFollicular Dendritic Cells
FDCFactor-dependent Cell [line]; Follicular Dendritic Cell
FECFriend Erythroleukemia Cell
FECVCFunctional Extracellular Fluid Volume
FELCFriend Erythroleukemia Cells
FHMFamilial Hemiplegic Migraine; Fathead Minnow [cells]
FL-2Feline Lung [cells]
FL-LCFollicular Lymphoma Large Cell
FLCFatty Liver Cell
FLCFetal Liver Cell
FLCFriend Leukemia Cell
FRCFibroblastic Reticulum Cells
FRCFederal Radiation Council; Frozen Red Cells; Functional Reserve Capacity; Functional Residual Capacity
FRHFetal Rhesus Monkey [kidney Cell]
FRHKFetal Rhesus Monkey Kidney [cell]
FSCCLFollicular Small Cleaved Cell Lymphomas
FSCCLFollicular Small Cleaved Cell Lymphoma
G-CSFGranulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor Promotes Production Of White Blood Cells
G0Quiescent Phase Of Cells Leaving The Mitotic Cycle
G1Presynthetic Gap [phase Of Cells Prior To DNA Synthesis]
G2Postsynthetic Gap [phase Of Cells Following DNA Synthesis]
GAGerm-cell Antigen
GCGanglion Cell

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