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Cell And Cells Page 7

 Abbreviations Meaning
DTPADiphtheria-tetanus-acellular Pertussis [vaccine]
DTPBWDiphtheria-tetanus Whole-cell Pertussis [vaccine]
DTWPDiphtheria And Tetanus Toxoids And Whole-cell Pertussis Vaccine
DU-24Avian Cell Line
DUS-3Avian Rho0 Cell Line
EExpected Frequency In A Cell Of A Contingency Table
E*Lesion On The Erythrocyte Cell Membrane At The Site Of Complement Fixation
E-RFCE-rosette Forming Cell
EATCEhrlich Ascites Tumor Cell
ECEndocrine Cells
ECEndothelial Cell
ECEpidermal Cell
ECEpithelial Cell
ECAEndothelial Cell Antibody
ECA 109Human Esophageal Epithelial Cancer Cell Line
ECACEuropean Collection Of Animal Cell Cultures
ECCEndocervical Cell Collector
ECCEmbryonal Cell Carcinoma
ECDEnzymatic Cell Dispersion
ECDExtracellular Domain
ECFExtracellular Fluid
ECFVExtracellular Fluid Volume
ECFVDExtracellular Fluid Volume Depletion
ECGFEndothelial Cell Growth Factor
ECGSEndothelial Cell Growth Supplement
ECKExtracellular Potassium
ECMExtracellular Material
ECMExtracellular Matrix
ECMLExtracellular Membrane Layer
ECNOSEndothelial Cell Nitric Oxide Synthase
ECPEffector Cell Precursor
ECPExtracellular Protein
ECSEndothelial Cells
ECSExtracellular Solids
ECSExtracellular Space
ECSPEpidermal Cell Surface Protein
ECVEnteric Calicivirus; Epithelial Cell Vacuolization; Extracellular Volume; Extracorporeal Volume
ECVDExtracellular Volume Of Distribution
ECWExtracellular Water
EEVEndocardial Ventriculotomy; Equine Encephalitis Virus; Equine Encephalosis Virus; Extracellular Enveloped Virus
EFVExtracellular Fluid Volume
EGCEarly Gastric Cancer; Epithelioid-globoid Cell
EGMElectrogram; Extracellular Granular Material
ELAM-1E-selectin Adhesion Molecule (on Endothelial Cells)
EMExtracellular Ma
ENDEndothelial Cells
ENDOCAMEndothelial Cell Adhesion Molecule
ENPEthyl-p-nitrophenylthiobenzene Phosphate; Excellence For Nursing Practice; Extractable Nucleoprotein
EO-CFCEosinophil-leukocyte Colony Forming Cell

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