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Cell And Cells Page 4

 Abbreviations Meaning
CAPRCAChronic, Acquired, Pure Red Cell Aplasia
CARCell Adhesion Regulator
CBCCarbenicillin; Child Behavior Characteristics; Compensatory Base Change; Complete Blood Cell Count
CBCComplete Blood Cell Count
CBCLChild Behavior Checklist; Cutaneous B-cell Lymphoma
CBQCellobiose:quinone Oxidoreductase
CBVCapillary Blood Cell Velocity
CCColumnar Cells
CCCell Culture
CCAChick Cell Agglutination
CCATChick Cell Agglutination Test
CCATCanadian Coronary Atherectomy Trial; Chick Cell Agglutination Test; Conglutinating Complement Absorption Test
CCBDCentral Cell-binding Domain
CCEClear-cell Endothelioma
CCECornified Cell Envelope
CCGSCell Cycle G And S
CCHC-cell Hyperplasia
CCHC-cell Hyperplasia; Central Clinical Hospital; Chronic Chloride Hemagglutination; Chronic Cholestatic Hepatitis; Cross-correlation Histogram
CCICrowded Cell Index
CCID50Cell Culture Infectious Dose 50 %
CCLCarcinoma Cell Line
CCLCertified Cell Line
CCLContinuous Cell Line
CCPColumnar Cell Papilloma
CCPRClosed-chest Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation; Crypt Cell Production Rate
CCRCoriell Cell Repositories
CCSCell Cycle Specific
CCSClear Cell Sarcoma
CCSKClear Cell Sarcoma Of The Kidney
CCSPClara Cell-specific Protein
CCVCarnation Cryptic Virus; Channel Catfish Virus; Closed Circuit Voltage; Conductivity Cell Volume
CDCell Dissociation
CD138Plasma Cell Membrane Receptor
CD4HIV Helper Cell Count
CD8HIV Suppressor Cell Count
CDCCell Division Control
CDCCell Division Cycle
CDCCComplement-dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity
CDICell-directed Inhibitor
CDKCaldesmon Kinase; Cell Division Kinase; Climatic Droplet Keratopathy; Cyclin-dependent Kinase
CDYSCell Dysfunction [UMLS]
CECell Extract
CECCentral Echo Complex; Ciliated Epithelial Cell; Commission Of The European Community
CEHCCalf Embryonic Heart Cell; Cost-effective Healthcare
CEPUCerebellar Purkinje [cell]
CFAVCell Fusing Agent Virus
CFCColony-forming Cells
CFCCapillary Filtration Coefficient; Cardiofaciocutaneous [syndrome]; Chlorofluorocarbon; Colony-forming Capacity; Colony-forming Cell; Continuous Flow Centrifugation
CFU-S, CFUSColony-forming Unit, Spleen; Colony-forming Unit, Stem Cells

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