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Cell And Cells Page 22

 Abbreviations Meaning
TCRGT-cell Receptor Gamma
TCRGRT-cell Receptor Gene Rearrangement (study)
TCRPTotal Cellular Receptor Pool
TCRZT-cell Receptor Z
TCST-cell Supernatant
TCVTall-cell Variant Of Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas
TDT-cell Dependent [antigen]
TDThe Time Required To Double The Number Of Cells In A Given Population; Thermal Death Time
TD-CIAT-cell-derived Colony-inhibiting Activity
TDTH CELLSA Functional Subset Of T Helper Cells That Are Involved In Delayed-type Hypersensitivity Reactions
TG1The Time Required To Complete The G1 Phase Of The Cell Cycle
TG2The Time Required To Complete The G2 Phase Of The Cell Cycle
TGFT-cell Growth Factor; Therapeutic Gain Factor; Transforming Growth Factor; Tuboglomerular Feedback; Tumor Growth Factor
TGPVRTransgenic Mice That Express Human Cellular Receptor For Poliovirus
THT Helper [cell]
TH1T Helper Type 1 Cell
TH2T Helper Type 2 Cell
THAMT Cell-activating Molecule
THCTransplantable Hepatocellular Carcinoma
THPT-cell Helper Precursor
THSCTotipotent Hematopoietic Stem Cell; Totipotential Stem Cell
TIT-cell Independent [antigen]
TICTotal Ion Current; Toxicology Information Center; Trypsin Inhibitory Capability; Tubulointerstitial Cell; Tumor-inducing Complex
TLLT-cell Leukemia Or Lymphoma; Tissue Lesion Load
TMThe Time Required To Complete The M Phase Of The Cell Cycle
TMA-GLY:CPHPoly[trimellitylimidoglycine-co-1,6-bis(carboxyphenoxy)hexane] - A Novel Class Of Polymers With Mechanical Properties Similar To Cancellous Bone That Are Being Investigated For Their Ability To Be Used In Weight-bearing Areas For Orthopedic Applications
TMIFTumor-cell Migratory Inhibition Factor
TPCVTotal Packed Cell Volume
TPLLT-cell Prolymphocytic Leukemia
TRCTanned Red Cell
TRCATanned Red Cell Agglutination
TRCHTanned Red Cell Hemagglutination
TRCHITanned Red Cell Hemagglutination Inhibition
TRCVTotal Red Cell Volume
TRECST-cell Receptor Rearrangement Excision Circles
TRFT-cell Replacing Factor
TRFCTotal Rosette-forming Cell
TRGT-cell Rearranging Gene; Transfer Ribonucleic Acid Glycine
TST Suppressor (cell)
TSSecreted Immunoglobulin Heavy Chain Polypeptide; Stimulus Timing; T-cell Suppressor; T Suppressor [cell]
TSTime Required To Complete The S Phase Of The Cell Cycle
TSFT Cell Suppressor Factor; Testicular Feminization Syndrome; Thrombopoiesis-stimulating Factor; Total Systemic Flow; Triceps Skinfold
TSFT Cell Suppressor Factor
TSSATumor-specific Cell Surface Antigen
TTGT-cell Translocation Gene
TTGT-cell Translocation Gene; Telethermography; Tellurite, Taurocholate, And Gelatin
TTIMT-cell Tumor Invasion And Metastasis
TUNELTdT-mediated-dUTP Nick End Labeling, Enzymatic Labeling Of DNA Fragments In Apoptotic Cells
TVCTotal Viable Cells
TWBCTotal White Blood Cells; Total White Blood Count

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