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Cell And Cells Page 21

 Abbreviations Meaning
SRCASpecific Red Cell Adherence
SSSickle Cell
SSCSomatic Stem Cell
SSCSyngeneic Spleen Cell
SSCASingle-strand Conformational Analysis; Spontaneous Suppressor Cell Activity
STSickle [cell] Thalassemia
STDSelective T-cell Defect
STEScholars For Teaching Excellence
STHSickle Cell Thalassemia
STKStem Cell Tyrosine Kinase; Streptokinase
STOPStroke Prevention In Sickle Cell Disease [study]
SV-HUCSimian Virus-human Uro-epithelial Cell
T-CFCT-colony Forming Cell
T-CLLT-cell Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia
T-DT-cell Dependent [antigen]
T-IT-cell Independent [antigen]
T-IBST-cell Immunoblastic Sarcoma
T-NHLT-cell-derived Non-Hodgkin Leukemia
TACTransient Amplifying Cells (cells That Have The Potential To Complete A Limited Number Of Divisions Before Differentiating)
TALT-cell Acute Leukemia
TALL, T-ALLT-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
TALLAT-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia Antigen
TBIT- And B-cell Epitopes Containing Immunogen
TCTarget Cell
TCCytotoxic T Cell, Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte
TCThe Generation Time Of A Cell Cycle
TCTheca Cell
TCAT-cell A Locus
TCART-cell Antigen Receptor
TCBTumor Cell Burden
TCCThromboplastic Cell Component
TCCTransitional-cell Carcinoma
TCCA, TCCAVTransitional Cell Cancer-associated [virus]
TCCDSTransitional Cell Carcinoma Dataset
TCCLT-cell Chronic Lymphoblastic Leukemia
TCDT-cell Depletion
TCET-cell Enriched; Tetrachlorodiphenyl Ethane; Total Colon Examination; Trichloroethane; Trichloroethylene
TCFT-cell Factor
TCGFT-cell Growth Factor
TCHTanned-cell Hemagglutination; Thiophen-2-carboxylic Acid Hydrazide; Total Circulating Hemoglobin; Turn, Cough, Hyperventilate
TCIST-cell Immunodeficiency Syndrome; Total Corrected Increment Score; Transitional Carcinoma In Situ
TCLT-cell Leukemia
TCLT-cell Lymphoma
TCRT-cell Reactivity
TCRT-cell Receptor
TCRT-cell Rosette
TCRAT-cell Receptor Alpha
TCRBT-cell Receptor Beta
TCRBCLT-cell-rich B-cell Lymphoma
TCRDT-cell Receptor Delta

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