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Cell And Cells Page 20

 Abbreviations Meaning
SCCSquamous Cell Carcinoma
SCCASingle-cell Cytotoxicity Assay; Small-cell Carcinoma
SCCBSmall-cell Carcinoma Of The Bronchus
SCCCSquamous Cell Cervical Carcinoma
SCCHNSquamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Head And Neck
SCCLSmall Cell Carcinoma Of The Lung
SCCMSertoli Cell Culture Medium; Society Of Critical Care Medicine
SCDSickle Cell Disease
SCDSickle-cell Disease
SCDSSickle Cell Diseases
SCESomatic Cell
SCFStem Cell Factor
SCFSinusoid Containing Blood Flow; Skin Cancer Foundation; Stem Cell Factor; Subcostal Frontal [view]
SCGESingle-cell Gel Electrophoresis
SCLStromal Cell Line
SCLBCLSecondary Cutaneous Large B-cell Lymphoma
SCLCSmall Cell Lung Cancer
SCLCSmall Cell Lung Carcinoma
SCLDSickle-cell Chronic Lung Disease
SCMSchwann Cell Membrane
SCMSpleen Cell-conditioned Medium
SCMStreptococcal Cell Membrane
SCMCSpontaneous Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity
SCNTSomatic Cell Nuclear Transfer
SCPSingle-celled Protein
SCPSodium Cellulose Phosphate
SCTSertoli Cell Tumor
SCTSickle-cell Trait
SCTStar Cancellation Test
SCTStem Cell Transplantation
SCVSquamous Cell Carcinoma Of The Vulva
SDSSquamous [cell Carcinoma] Dataset
SECSwollen Endothelial Cell
SEGNESecretory Granules Of Neural And Endocrine [cells]
SFSickle Cell-hemoglobin F [disease]
SGCASubependymal Giant Cell Astrocytoma
SKSpontaneous Killer [cell]
SLASingle-cell Liquid Cytotoxic Assay
SM-AHNMDSystemic Mastocytosis With Associated Clonal Hematopoietic Non-mast Cell Lineage Disorder
SMCSmooth Muscle Cell
SMCScientific Manpower Commission; Smooth Muscle Cell; Somatomedin C; Succinylmonocholine; Supernumerary Marker Chromosome; Suture-mediated Closure
SMCDSystemic Mast Cell Disease
SMCDSenile Macular Choroidal Degeneration; Systemic Mast Cell Disease; Systemic Meningococcal Disease
SPCSpleen Cells
SPCSpleen Cell
SPORESpecialized Programs Of Research Excellence [study]
SPRCASolid Phase Red Cell Adherence Assay
SQ CELL CASquamous Cell Carcinoma
SRBCSheep Red Blood Cells
SRCSedimented Red Cells; Sheep Red Cells; Signed Reaction Center; Steroid Receptor

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