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Cell And Cells Page 19

 Abbreviations Meaning
RCMRed Cell Mass
RCMIRed Blood Cell Morphologic Index
RCPRadiochemical Purity; Red Cell Protoporphyrin; Retrocorneal Pigmentation; Riboflavin Carrier Protein; Royal College Of Physicians
RCPHRed Cell Peroxide Hemolysis
RCSRed Cell Suspension
RCSReticulum Cell Sarcoma
RCVRabbit Calicivirus; Recoverin; Red Cell Volume
RDWRed Cell Distribution Width
RDWRed Blood Cell Distribution Width Index
RECFExtracellular Fluid Resistance
RELACSReikjavik Experimental Light-activated Cell Sorter
RFCRadiofrequency Coil; Replication Factor C; Request For Comments; Retrograde Femoral Catheter; Rosette-forming Cell
RGCRadio-gas Chromatography; Remnant Gastric Cancer; Retinal Ganglion Cell; Right Giant Cell
RGDArginine-glycine-asparagine (aminoacid Sequence Responsible For Cell-binding Properties Of Fibronectin, Vitronectin, Fibrinogen, Laminin, Collagen)
RIIntracellular Resistivity
RICFIntracellular Fluid Resistance
RLERat Liver Epithelial Cells
RLERat Lung Epithelial Cells
RLNCRegional Lymph Node Cell
RMCReticular Magnocellular [nucleus]; Right Middle Cerebral [artery]; Rozsos Microcholecystectomy
RPPRRed Cell Precursor Production Rate
RSReed-Sternberg Cells Characteristic For Hodgkin’s Disease
RSReed-Sternberg [cell]
RSAReticulum Cell Sarcoma
RSCRat Spleen Cell
RSCReversible Sickle-cell
RSCRat Spleen Cell; Rested State Contraction; Reversible Sickle-cell; Right Subclavian
RTCRenal Tubular Cell
RTG-2Rainbow Trout Gonadal Tissue Cells
RTRRed Blood Cell Turnover Rate
RTRRecreational Therapist, Registered; Red Blood Cell Turnover Rate; Retention Time Ratio
S-CSickle Cell
S-DSickle-cell Hemoglobin D; Suicide-depression
S-PHASEProliferative Index % Of Tumor Cells Actively Dividing At A Given Time,
S-T[segment] In Electrocardiography, The Portion Of The Segment Between The End Of The S Wave And The Beginning Of The T Wave; Sickle-cell Thalassemia
S/ßSickle Cell Beta-thalassemia
SACKSuppression Of Asymmetric Cell Kinetics
SCSchwann Cell
SCSezary Cell
SCSickle Cell
SCASenescent Cell Antigen
SCASickle-cell Anemia
SCASteroidal-cell Antibody
SCASuppressor Cell Activity
SCA-1Stem Cell Antigen 1
SCATSheep Cell Agglutination Test
SCATSickle Cell Anemia Test
SCCSickle Cell Disease
SCCSmall-cell Carcinoma
SCCSmall Cleaved Cell

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