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Cell And Cells Page 18

 Abbreviations Meaning
PMBLPrimary Mediastinal B-cell Lymphoma
PMGCTPrimary Mediastinal Germ-cell Tumor
PMIMitotic Index Of Proliferating Cell Population
PMNCPercentage Of Multinucleated Cells; Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cell
PMSCPediatric Medical Special Care; Pluripotent Myeloid Stem Cell
PNCPenicillin; Peripheral Nucleated Cell; Pneumotaxic Center; Premature Nodal Contracture; Primitive Neuroendothelial Cell
PNCAProliferating Nuclear Cell Antigen
POLYSPolymorphonuclear Cells
PRBCPacked Red Blood Cells
PRBCPacked Red Blood Cells; Placental Residual Blood Volume
PRCPacked Red Cells
PRCAPure Red Cell Aplasia
PSA-NCAMPolysialic Acid Neuronal Cell Adhesion Molecule
PSCPeripheral Stem Cell
PSCPluripotential Stem Cell
PSCRPeripheral Stem Cell Rescue
PSCTPeripheral Stem Cell Transplant
PSCTPeripheral Stem Cell Transplantation
PTPTProtein-tyrosine Phosphatase, T-cell
PV-ECFPlasma Volume/extracellular Fluid [ratio]
PWProgesterone Withdrawal; Pulse Wave [echocardiography]; Whole-cell Pertussis [vaccine]
PWBCPeripheral White Blood Cell
PWCAPure White Cell Aplasia
QRBCFlow Of Red Blood Cells
RAECRat Aortic Endothelial Cell; Rate Control Vs Electrical Cardioversion
RANTESRegulated On Activation, T-cell Expressed And Secreted
RASMCRat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell
RBCRed Blood Cells/count
RBCRanitidine Bismuth Citrate; Red Blood Cell; Red Blood Count
RBCRed Blood Cell
RBC-CHERed Blood Cell Cholinesterase
RBCMRed Blood Cell Mass
RBCVRed Blood Cell Volume
RBPCCellular Retinol-binding Protein
RCRed Cell
RCRed Cell Casts
RCRegenerated Cellulose
RCRenshaw Cell
RCARed Cell Agglutination
RCARenal Cell Carcinoma
RCCRed Cell Cast
RCCRed Cell Concentrate
RCCRed Cell Count
RCCRenal Cell Carcinoma
RCCPRenal Cell Carcinoma, Papillary
RCFRed Cell Ferritin
RCFRed Cell Folate
RCIARed Cell Immune Adherence
RCITRed Cell Iron Turnover
RCITRRed Cell Iron Turnover Rate

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