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Cell And Cells Page 16

 Abbreviations Meaning
NFAT, NF-ATNuclear Factor Of Activated T [cells]
NFATPPre-existing Subunit Of Nuclear Factor Of Activated T [cells]
NFKB, NF-KB, NF-?BNuclear Factor ?B [of Pre-B Cell]
NGCNational Guidelines Clearinghouse [database]; Nerve Guidance Conduit; Nucleus Reticularis Gigantocellularis
NGCAMNeuron Glial Cell Adhesion Molecule
NHANonspecific Hepatocellular Abnormality
NHBENormal Human Bronchial Epithelial [cell]
NKNatural Killer Cells (large Lymphocytes, Part Of The Immune System)
NKCommission On [Anatomical] Nomenclature [Ger. Nomenklatur Kommission]; Natural Killer [cell]; Neurokinin; Not Known
NKCANatural Killer Cell Activity
NKSFNatural Killer Cell Stimulatory Factor
NMCNational Medical Care; Naval Medical Center; Neuromuscular Control; Nonmotor Condition; Nucleus Reticularis Magnocellularis
NMSCNonmyelinating Schwann Cells
NMSCNonmyelin-forming Schwann Cells
NMZLNodal Marginal Zone B-cell Lymphoma
NNNevocellular Nevus
NPCNonparenchymal [liver] Cell
NPMNonpacemaker [cells]; Nothing Per Mouth
NRASMCNeonatal Rat Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell
NRBCNucleated Red Blood Cells
NRBCNational Rare Blood Club; Normal Red Blood Cell; Nucleated Red Blood Cell
NRBCNucleated Red Blood Cell
NRCAMNational Resource For Cell Analysis And Modeling
NRCAMNeuron Glial Cell-related Cell Adhesion Molecule
NRFCNonrosette-forming Cell
NRGCNucleus Reticularis Gigantocellularis
NRMNational Registry Of Microbiologists; Normal Range Of Motion; Nucleus Reticularis Magnocellularis
NRPNucleus Reticularis Parvocellularis
NRPGNucleus Reticularis Paragigantocellularis
NSNonserrated Cells (type Of Basal Epidermal Cells)
NSCNeurosecretory Cells
NSCNeurosecretory Cell
NSCNon-small Cell
NSCNonspecific Suppressor Cell
NSCLCNon-small Cell Lung Cancer
NSCLCNon-small-cell Lung Cancer
NSGCTNonseminomatous Germ Cell Tumor
NSGCTTNonseminomatous Germ-cell Tumor Of The Testis
OBCAMOpioid-binding Cell Adhesion Molecule
OHCOccupational Health Center; Outer Hair Cell; Oxford Haemophilia Centre
ORBCOx Red Blood Cell
ORYXOutcome Research Yields Excellence
OSCCOral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
OTCOrnithine Transcarbamylase; Oval Target Cell; Ovarian Tissue Culture; Over-the-counter; Oxytetracycline
OVSMCOvine Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell
P-ERKDual Phosphorylated Extracellular Signal-regulated Kinase
P-SELECTIN (GMP140)Adhesion Molecule On Endothelial Cells And Platelets
PAAcellular Pertussis [vaccine]
PAECPorcine Aortic Endothelial Cell
PAVECPorcine Aortic Valve Endothelial Cell

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