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Cell And Cells Page 15

 Abbreviations Meaning
MGCTMalignant Granular Cell Tumor
MGGMay-Grnwald-Giemsa [staining]; Molecular And General Genetics; Mouse Gammaglobulin; Multinucleated Giant Cell
MH-LIKE BCLMalignant Histiocytosis-like B-cell Lymphoma
MICMononuclear Inflammatory Cell
MICCMitogen-induced Cellular Cytotoxicity
MISCMiscarriage; Miscellaneous
MKCMonkey Kidney Cell
MLTCMixed Leukocyte-trophoblast Culture; Mixed Lymphocyte Tumor Cell
MMCMucosal Mast Cell
MMNCMarrow Mononuclear Cell
MNBCCSMultiple Nevoid Basal-cell Carcinoma Syndrome
MNCMononuclear Cell
MPKMinipig Kidney Cell Line
MRBCMonkey Red Blood Cell; Mouse Red Blood Cell
MRFCMouse Rosette-forming Cell
MSCGlomerular Mesangium Cell
MSCMagnocellular Neurosecretory Cell
MSCMalignant Spindle-shaped Cells
MSCMammosomatotroph Cells
MSCMantle Storage Cells
MSCMarrow Stromal Cells
MSCMesangial Cells
MSCMesenchymal Stem Cells
MSCMesothelial Cells
MSCMilk Somatic Cell
MSCMiniature Squamous Cells
MSCMoloney Sarcoma Cell
MSCMultipotential Subserosal Cells
MSCMuscle Satellite Cells
MSCMyelin-forming Schwann Cells
MSCMyeloid Suppressor Cells
MSCMarrow Stromal Cell
MSCMesenchymal Stem Cell
MSC80Mouse Schwann Cell Line
MSDMild Sickle Cell Disease
MSLRMixed Skin Cell-leukocyte Reaction
MTSMulticellular Tumor Spheroid
MVCMicrovascular Cells
MVCMicrovillar Cells (in The Olfactory Epithelium)
MVECMicrovascular Endothelial Cell
MWCBMaster Working Cell Bank
NBCCNational Board Of Certified Counselors; Nevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma
NBCCSNevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome
NBSNevoid Basal Cell Carcinoma Syndrome
NCNormal Cell
NCAMNeural Cell Adhesion Molecule
NCMCNatural Cell-mediated Cytotoxicity
NDCNondifferentiated Cell
NECNeuroendocrine Cell

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