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Cell And Cells Page 14

 Abbreviations Meaning
MCMast Cells
MCMixed Cellularity (classical Hodgkin Lymphoma)
MCMast Cell
MCMelanoma Cell
MCMerkel Cell
MCMethyl Cellulose
MCMixed Cellulari
MCAMean Cell [surface] Area
MCARMixed Cell Agglutination Reaction
MCBMaster Cell Bank; Membranous Cytoplasmic Body; Monochlorobimane
MCCMedial Cell Column
MCCMetacerebral Cell
MCDMast-cell Degranulation
MCDMean Cell Diameter
MCDPMast Cell Degranulating Peptide
MCFMink Cell Focus-forming
MCFMononuclear Cell Factor
MCGMagnetocardiogram; Membrane Cell Graft; Membrane Coating Granule; Monoclonal Gammopathy
MCGCMetacerebral Giant Cell
MCGFMast Cell Growth Factor
MCHMucous Cell Hyperplasia
MCHLMixed Cellularity Classical Hodgkin Lymphoma
MCLMantle Cell Lymphoma
MCLMast Cell Leukemia
MCLMantle-cell Lymphoma
MCLMyeloid Cell Leukemia
MCNMaternal Child Nursing; Minimal Change Nephropathy; Mixed Cell Nodular [lymphoma]
MCSMast Cell Sarcoma
MCSMaster Cell Stock
MCSAMoloney Cell Surface Antigen
MCTMean Cell Thickness
MCTMean Cell Threshold
MCTFMononuclear Cell Tissue Factor
MCVMean Corpuscular/cell Volume (a Parameter Of Red Blood Cells)
MCVMean Cell Volume
MCVMedian Cell Volume
MDBKMadin-Darby Bovine Kidney [cell]
MDCMature Dendritic Cell
MDCMonocyte-depleted Mononuclear Cell
MDDCMonocyte-derived Dendritic Cell
MDSCMuscle-derived Stem Cell
MDTMast [cell] Degeneration Test
MEMouse Epithelial [cell]
MECMammary Epithelial Cell
MECMiddle Ear Cell
MELCMurine Erythroleukemia Cell
MESVMurine Embryonic Stem-cell Virus
MGBMalachite Green Brucellae Medium
MGCMagnocellular Neuroendocrine Cell
MGCEMultifocal Giant Cell Encephalitis

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