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Cell And Cells Page 13

 Abbreviations Meaning
LCCSCTLarge-cell Calcifying Sertoli Cell Tumor
LCGLangerhans Cell Granule; Langerhans Cell Granulomatosis
LCGLLarge-cell Granulocytic Leukemia
LCHLangerhans Cell Histiocytocis
LCHLangerhans Cell Histiocytosis
LCLLymphoblastoid Cell Line
LCLLymphoid Cell Line
LCLCLarge-cell Lung Carcinoma
LCNECLarge Cell Neuroendocrine Carcinoma
LCSLeydig Cell Stimulation
LCTLiver Cell Tumor
LDCLactose Digestion Capacity; Limited Assistance Dialysis Center; Lymphoid Dendritic Cell; Lysine Decarboxylase
LDCCLectin-dependent Cellular Cytotoxicity
LELupus Erythematosus [cell]
LEU-CAMLeukocyte Cell Adhesion Molecule
LHCLangerhans Cell Histiocytosis; Left Heart Catheterization; Left Hypochondrium; Light-harvesting Complex; Local Health Council
LISLateral Intercellular Space
LLC-MK1Rhesus Monkey Kidney Cells
LLC-MK2Rhesus Monkey Kidney Cells
LLC-MK3Cercopithecus Monkey Kidney Cells
LLC-RK1Rabbit Kidney Cells
LMALiver Cell Membrane Autoantibody
LMCLarge Motile Cell
LNCLymph Node Cell
LNMCLymph Node Mononuclear Cell
LPCLeukocyte-poor Cell
LPCCLiver Primary Cell Cultures
LRCMBLaboratory Of Retinal Cell And Molecular Biology
LSA/RCSLymphosarcoma-reticulum Cell Sarcoma
LSCLLymphosarcoma Cell Leukemia
LSLLeft Sacrolateral [fetal Position]; Left Short Leg; Lymphosarcoma [cell] Leukemia
LTCLarge Transformed Cell; Leukotriene C; Lidocaine Tissue Concentration; Long-term Care; Lysed Tumor Cell
LTCIC, LTC-ICLong-term Culture-initiating Cell
LTWLeydig-cell Tumor In Wistar Rat
LUCLarge Unstained Cell; Luciferase
LVVLeft Ventricular Volume; Le Veen Valve; Live Varicella Vaccine; Live Varicella Virus
LYA T-cell Antigen Used For Grouping T-lymphocytes Into Different Classes
MA-104Embryonic Rhesus Monkey Kidney Cells
MA-111Embryonic Rabbit Kidney Cells
MA-163Human Embryonic Thymus Cells
MA-184Newborn Human Foreskin Cells
MADCAMMucosal Addressin Cell Adhesion Molecule
MAEMurine Aortic Endothelial Cells
MAIMycobacterium Avium-intracellulare
MARCMMosaic Analysis With A Repressible Cell Marker
MBCMemory B Cell
MBCMoving Blood Cells
MBCLMonocytoid B-cell Lymphoma
MBECMouse Brain Endothelial Cell
MBPMelitensis, Bovine, Porcine [antigen From Brucella Bovis, B. Melitensis, And B. Suis]

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