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Cardiac Cardio And Heart Page 5

 Abbreviations Meaning
CPBCarboxypeptidase B; Cardiopulmonary Bypass; Cetylpyridinium Bromide; Competitive Protein Binding
CPBVCardiopulmonary Blood Volume
CPCRCardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation; Center For Primary Care Research
CPECardiac Pulmonary Edema
CPFCardiac Peak Frequency
CPGCardiopneumographic Recording
CPRCardiopulmonary Reserve
CPRCardiopulmonary Resuscitation
CPSCardioplegic Perfusion Solution
CPSCardiopulmonary Support
CRCardiac Rehabilitation
CRCardiac Resuscitation
CRCardiac Rhythm
CRChest And Right Arm [lead In Electrocardiography]
CRCCardiovascular Reflex Conditioning
CRCCardiovascular Reflex Clinical Research Center
CRCSCardiovascular Reflex Conditioning System
CRFCardiorespiratory Function
CRGCardiorespirogram; Central Respiratory Generator; Collaborative Review Group
CRICardiac Risk Index
CRIYFSCardiovascular Risk In Young Finns Study
CRTCardiac Resuscitation Team
CRUCardiac Rehabilitation Unit
CRUCardiac Rehabilitation Unit; Clinical Research Unit
CSCardiogenic Shock
CSECross-sectional Echocardiography
CSEClinical-symptom/self-evaluation [questionnaire]; Common Standards For Quantitative Electrocardiography; Cone-shaped Epiphysis; Conventional Spin-echo; Cross-sectional Echocardiography
CSGBICardiac Society Of Great Britain And Ireland
CSICUCardiac Surgical Intensive Care Unit
CSLCardiolipin Synthetic Lecithin; Corticosteroid Liposome
CSMCardiosynchronous Myostimulator
CSNCardiac Sympathetic Nerve; Carotid Sinus Nerve; Chemical Safety Newsbase; Cycloserine
CSRACardio-surgical Recovery Area
CSRSCardiac Surgery Reporting System
CSTCardiac Stress Test
CSTCardiovascular Self-assessment Tool
CTCardiac Tamponade
CTCardiothoracic [ratio]
CTGCardiotocography; Cervicothoracic Ganglion; Chymotrypsinogen; Control Technique Guidelines
CTICardiac Troponin I
CTN-ICardiac Troponin I
CTRCardiothoracic Ratio; Carpal Tunnel Release; Central Tumor Registry; Connecticut Tumor Registry
CTRDCardiac Transplant Research Database
CTSCardiothoracic Surgery
CTSCardiotonic Steroids
CTUCardiac-thoracic Unit; Centigrade Thermal Unit; Constitutive Transcription Unit
CTXCardiac Transplantation; Conotoxin

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