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Cardiac Cardio And Heart Page 11

 Abbreviations Meaning
QCardiac Output
Q-TIn Electrocardiography, The Time From The Beginning Of The QRS Complex To The End Of The T Wave [interval]
QCSQuebec Cardiovascular Study; Quick Confusion Scale
QRSIn Electrocardiography, The Complex Consisting Of Q, R, And S Waves, Corresponding To Depolarization Of Ventricles [complex]; In Electrocardiography, The Loop Traced By QRS Vectors, Representing Ventricular Depolarization [interval]
QRS-STThe Junction Between The QRS Complex And The ST Segment In The Electrocardiogram [junction]
QRS-TThe Angle Between The QRS And T Vectors In Vectorcardiography [angle]
QTCardiac Output; Quick Test
RIn Electrocardiography, The First Positive Deflection During The QRS Complex [wave]
RACERamipril Cardioprotective Evaluation [trial]
RACERapid Assessment Of Cardiac Enzymes
RAECRat Aortic Endothelial Cell; Rate Control Vs Electrical Cardioversion
RBCDRight Border Cardiac Dullness
RCDRelative Cardiac Dullness; Robust Change Detection [algorithm In Insulin Therapy]
RCWIRight Cardiac Work Index
RESReproducibility Echocardiography Study
ROCKETRegionally Organized Cardiac Key European Trial
RSRAn Electrocardiographic Complex
In Electrocardiography, The Second Positive Deflection During The QRS Complex
SIn Electrocardiography, A Negative Deflection That Follows An R Wave [wave]
S-T[segment] In Electrocardiography, The Portion Of The Segment Between The End Of The S Wave And The Beginning Of The T Wave; Sickle-cell Thalassemia
S3(cardiac) Third Sound
SAECG, SAECGSignal Averaged Electrocardiogram
SAGESSignal-averaged Electrocardiographic [ECG] Study
SCASurvivor Of Cardiac Arrest
SCAIThe Society For Cardiac Angiography And Interventions
SCAISociety For Cardiac Angiography And Interventions
SCDSudden Cardiac Death
SCD-HEFTSudden Cardiac Death In Heart Failure: Trial Of Prophylactic Amiodarone Vs Implantable Defibrillator Therapy
SCDSSudden Cardiac Death Syndrome
SCESerious Cardiac Event
SCPRStandard Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
SCV-CPRSimultaneous Compression Ventilation-cardiopulmonary Resuscitation
SCVIRSociety Of Cardiovascular And Interventional Radiology
SECSpontaneous Echo Contrast [echocardiography]
SECGStress Electrocardiography
SENDCAPSt. Mary's Ealing, Northwick Park Diabetes Cardiovascular Prevention [study]
SHOCKShould We Emergently Revascularize Occluded Coronaries For Cardiogenic Shock? [international Randomized Trial]
SOCIAIDSStudy Of Cardiac Involvement In Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome [AIDS]
SPCGSpectral Phonocardiography
SPICED TEASStudy Of Pacemakers And Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Triggering By Electronic Article Surveillance Devices
STEPSSignificance Of Transesophageal Electrocardiographic Findings In Prevention Of Stroke [study]
SVCGSpatial Vectorcardiogram
SVEStroke Volume Echocardiography
TAn Electrocardiographic Wave Corresponding To The Repolarization Of The Ventricles [wave]
TACSThrombolysis And Angioplasty In Cardiogenic Shock [study]
TACTICSThrombolysis And Counterpulsation To Improve Cardiogenic Shock Survival [trial]
TCBTotal Cardiopulmonary Bypass Transcatheter Biopsy

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