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Cancers And Tumors Page 7

 Abbreviations Meaning
DNTDermonecrotic Toxin; Did Not Test; 2,4-dinitrotoluene; Dysembryoplastic Neuroepithelial Tumor
DPCDisseminated Peritoneal Cancer
DPDLDiffuse Poorly Differentiated Lymphocytic Lymphoma
DRADextran-reactive Antibody; Digital Rotational Angiography; Distal Rectal Adenocarcinoma; Distal Reference Axis [imaging]
DS-TRIELDecision Support [cancer Clinical] Trial Eligibility
DSRCTDesmoplastic Small Round Cell Tumor
DSVDiffuse Sclerosing Variant Of Papillary Thyroid Carcinomas
DSVDermal Sarcoma Virus; Desert Shield Virus
DTCDay Treatment Center; Differential Thyroid Carcinoma; Dithiocarb Sodium
DU-PAN-2Marker For Pancreatic Cancer
DULDiffuse Undifferentiated Lymphoma
DWDLDiffuse Well-differentiated Lymphocytic Lymphoma
EInvolvement Of A Single Extranodal Site (in Hodgkin Lymphoma)
EACEpithelioma Adenoides Cysticum
EACEhrlich Ascites Carcinoma
EACREuropean Association For Cancer Research
EATEhrlich Ascites Tumor
EATCEhrlich Ascites Tumor Cell
EBLErythroblastic Leukemia; Estimated Blood Loss
EBLEndemic Burkitt Lymphoma
ECEmbryonal Carcinoma
ECEsophageal Carcinoma
ECAEsophageal Carcinoma
ECA 109Human Esophageal Epithelial Cancer Cell Line
ECCEmbryonal Cell Carcinoma
ECCErlangen Cancer Center [Germany]
EGCEarly Gastric Cancer; Epithelioid-globoid Cell
EGCSEarly Gastric Carcinomas
EGTMEuropean Group On Tumor Markers
EICElastase Inhibition Capacity; Enzyme Inhibition Complex; Extensive Intraductal Carcinoma; Extensive Intraductal Component
EICESSEuropean Intergroup Ewing's Sarcoma Study
EICESSEuropean Intergroup Cooperative Ewing's Sarcoma Study
EJCEuropean Journal Of Cancer
EKSEpidemic Kaposi Sarcoma
ELEarly Latent; Elbow; Electroluminescence; Erythroleukemia; Exercise Limit; External Lamina
ELLElongation Factor Homologous To Mixed Lineage Leukemia
ELVEntero-like Virus; Environmental Limit Value; Erythroid Leukemia Virus
EMMEpithelial Malignant Mesotheliomas
ENSGEuropean Neuroblastoma Study Group
ENTEar, Nose, And Throat; Enzootic Nasal Tumor; Extranodular Tissue
EOIEuropean Osteosarcoma Intergroup
EORTCEuropean Organisation For Research And Treatment Of Cancer
EORTCEuropean Organization For Research And Treatment Of Cancer
EPCRLSEuropean Pancreatic Cancer Reference Library System
EPICEuropean Prospective Investigation Into Cancer And Nutrition Study
ERMSAEmbryonal Rhabdomyosarcoma
ERSPCEuropean Randomized Study Of Screening For Prostatic Cancer
ERTOCS, ERTOSEuropean Randomised Trial Of Ovarian Cancer Screening
ESCCEpidural Spinal Cord Compression; Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma
ESPACEuropean Study Group Of Pancreatic Cancer

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