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Cancers And Tumors Page 18

 Abbreviations Meaning
PLTPrimary Lymphoplasmacytic Lymphoma
PLVPanleukemia Virus
PLZFPromyelocytic Leukemia Zinc Finger
PMBLPrimary Mediastinal B-cell Lymphoma
PMGCTPrimary Mediastinal Germ-cell Tumor
PMLPromyelocytic Leukemia And Its Gene On Chromosome 15 (previously Named Myl)
PMLPromyelocytic Leukemia Protein
PMLPromyelocytic Leukemia
PNPositive Regional Lymph Node [TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification]
PN1ATumor Micrometastases [none Larger Than 0.2 Cm]
PN1BTumor Metastases To Lymph Nodes [larger Than 0.2 Cm]
PN1BITumor Metastases To 1-3 Lymph Nodes [from 0.2 To 2.0 Cm]
PN1BIITumor Metastases To 4 Or More Lymph Nodes [0.2 To 2.0 Cm]
PN1BIIITumor Metastases Beyond Lymph Node Capsule [none Larger Than 2.0 Cm]
PN1BIVTumor Metastases To Lymph Nodes [larger Than 2.0 Cm]
PN2Tumor Metastases To Ipsilateral Axillary Lymph Nodes
PN3Tumor Metastases To Ipsilateral Mammary Lymph Nodes
PNEPeripheral Neuroepithelioma; Plasma Norepinephrine; Pneumoencephalography; Pseudomembranous Necrotizing Enterocolitis
PNETPrimitive Neuroectodermal Tumor
PNETPeripheral Neuroepithelioma; Primitive Neuroectodermal Tumor
PNXRegional Lymph Node Tumor Metastases Cannot Be Assessed [TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification]
PODPromyelocytic Leukemia Oncogenic Domain
POSPeriosteal Osteosarcoma
PR-RSVPrague Rous Sarcoma Virus
PRB, PRBRetinoblastoma Protein
PRB-PPhosphorylated Form Of Retinoblastoma Protein
PSFPseudosarcomatous Fasciitis
PSTTPlacental Site Trophoblastic Tumor
PTPertussis Toxin; Postoperative Tumor Size [TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification: PT0 Surgery Not Done Or Not Applicable, PT1 No Visible Tumor Tissue, PT2 Less Than 1.5 Cm Remains, PT3 1.5 To 5.0 Cm Remains, PT4 More Than 5.0 Cm Remains To Primary Tumors In Progressing Thickness, And PTX No Evidence Of Primary Tumor]
PT0No Evidence Of Primary Tumor [TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification]
PTCPapillary Thyroid Carcinoma
PTCPseudotumor Cerebri
PTLDPosttransplantation Lymphoproliferative Disorder; Prescribed Tumor Lethal Dose
PTNMPathological Classification Of Primary Tumors, Regional Nodes And Metastases [coding]
PTXNo Evidence Of Primary Tumor [TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification]
PUDPeri-urethral Diathermy (associated With Superficial Bladder Cancer)
QLQ-CQuality Of Life Questionnaire-cancer
RResidual Tumor After Treatment
R0Residual Tumor Not Assessed [TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification]
R1Longitudinal Relativity; Small Residual Tumor [TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification]
R2Large Residual Tumor [TNM (tumor-node-metastasis) Classification]; Transverse Relativity
RADLVRadiation Leukemia Virus
RALPHRenal-anal-lung-polydactylyhamartoblastoma [syndrome]
RBAPRetinoblastoma-associated Protein
RBBPRetinoblastoma Binding Protein
RBLRat Basophilic Leukemia; Reid Baseline; Retinoblastoma-like
RCARenal Cell Carcinoma
RCCRenal Cell Carcinoma
RCCPRenal Cell Carcinoma, Papillary

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