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Brain Nerves And Neurology Page 3

 Abbreviations Meaning
CN IIIThird Cranial Nerve [oculomotor]
CN IVFourth Cranial Nerve [trochlear]
CN IXNinth Cranial Nerve [glossopharyngeal]
CN VISixth Cranial Nerve [abducent]
CN VIISeventh Cranial Nerve [facial]
CN XTenth Cranial Nerve [vagus]
CN XIITwelfth Cranial Nerve [hypoglossal]
CNAPCareer Nurse Assistants' Programs; Compound Nerve Action Potential
CNICenter Of Nuclear Image; Chronic Nerve Irritation; Community Nutrition Institute
CNPCranial Nerve Palsy
CNSCutaneous Nerve Stimulator
CNVCranial Nerve Number 5
CNVFifth Cranial Nerve [trigeminal]
CNVIIIEighth Cranial Nerve [vestibulocochlear]
CNXCranial Nerve Number 10
CNXIEleventh Cranial Nerve [accessory]
COBSCesarean-obtained Barrier-sustained; Chronic Organic Brain Syndrome
CPK-BBCreatine Phosphokinase, Brain-type
CR NN, CR NNCranial Nerves
CSNCardiac Sympathetic Nerve; Carotid Sinus Nerve; Chemical Safety Newsbase; Cycloserine
CSNSCarotid Sinus Nerve Stimulation
CSPINECorticosteroid Use, Seropositive RA, Peripheral Joint Destruction, Involvement Of Cervical Nerves, Nodules (rheumatoid), Established Disease [cervical Spine Disease Risk Factors]
CVFifth Cranial Nerve
CVISixth Cranial Nerve
CVIISeventh Cranial Nerve
CVIIIEighth Cranial Nerve
DBDDefinite Brain Damage; Deoxyribonucleic Acid-binding Domain; Dibromodulcitol; Dynamic Beam Delivery [radiotherapy]
DBSDeep Brain Stimulation
DCNDorsal Cutaneous Nerve
DMNXDorsal Motor Nucleus Of The Vagus Nerve
DMVDorsal Motor Nucleus Of The Vagus Nerve
DNRDorsal Nerve Root
DNRDaunorubicin; Do Not Resuscitate; Dorsal Nerve Root
DNSDiaphragmatic Nerve Stimulation
DNVDensovirus; Dorsal Nucleus Of Vagus Nerve; Double-normalized Value
DPNBDorsal Penile Nerve Block
DTPDistal Tingling On Percussion (over The Site Of A Nerve, A.k.a. Tinel's Sign Or Hoffman-Tinel Sign)
E COLIEighth Nerve Action Potential, Cochlear Nucleus, Olivary Complex (superior), Lateral Lemniscus, Inferior Colliculus [hearing Test]
EBSElastic Back Strap; Electric Brain Stimulation; Emergency Bed Service; Epidermolysis Bullosa Simplex
EMG/NCVElectromyography/nerve Conduction Velocity [test]
ERNAEfferent Renal Nerve Activity
ESBElectrical Stimulation Of The Brain; Enhanced Skill Building [program]; Environmental Specimen Banking; Esterase B
GCNSTGranular Cell Nerve Sheath Tumor
GIFBGrowth Hormone Inhibitory Factor, Brain
GONGonococcal Ophthalmia Neonatorum; Greater Occipital Nerve
GONDGlaucomatous Optic Nerve Damage
GPNGlossopharyngeal Nerve; Graduate Practical Nurse
GVAGeneral Visceral Afferent [nerve]
GVEGeneral Visceral Efferent [nerve]
HBDNFHuman Brain Derived Neurotrophic Factor

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