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Bowel Gastric And Intestine Page 5

 Abbreviations Meaning
MGBMicropouch" Gastric Bypass
MHIMalignant Histiocytosis Of Intestine
MHIMalignant Histiocytosis Of Intestine; Mental Health Index; Mental Health Inventory; Minor Head Injury
MINMedial Interlaminar Nucleus; Medical Information Network; Multiple Intestinal Neoplasia
MMIHMegacystis-microcolon-intestinal Hypoperistalsis [syndrome]
MMIHSMegacystis-microcolon-intestinal Hypoperistalsis Syndrome
MNGIEMyo-, Neuro-, Gastrointestinal Encephalopathy
MSBMaster Of Science In Bacteriology; Mid-small Bowel; Most Significant Bit
MVAMarginal Vascular Arcade (about Intestines)
N-CAPNifedipine Gastrointestinal Therapeutic System Circadian Anti-Ischemic Program
NABSNormoactive Bowel Sounds
NBMNo Bowel Movement; Normal Bone Marrow; Normal Bowel Movement; Nothing By Mouth
NBSNormal Bowel Sounds
NGN-G, Nasogastric
NGNasogastric; Neisseria Gonorrhoeae; Neoplastic Growth; New Growth; Nitroglycerin; Nodose Ganglion; No Growth; Not Given
NGRNarrow Gauze Roll; Nasogastric Replacement
NGTNasogastric Tube
NGTNasogastric Tube; Nominal Group Technique; Normal Glucose Tolerance
NHGJNormal Human Gastric Juice
NIFNegative Inspiratory Force; Neutrophil Immobilizing Factor; Nonintestinal Fibroblast
NOIINonocclusive Intestinal Ischemia
NSABPNational Surgical Adjuvant Breast And Bowel Project
OGObstetrics And Gynecology; Occlusogingival; 1-O-octyl-beta-D-glucopyranoside; Oligodendrocyte; Optic Ganglion; Orange Green; Orogastric; [protective] Overgarment
OGJ[o]esophagogastric Junction
OMGEOrganisation Mondiale De Gastro-Enterologie
PAINPyoderma Gangrenosum, Aphthous Stomatitis, Inflammatory Eye Disease, Erythema Nodosum [disorders Associated With Inflammatory Bowel Disease]
PCIPneumatosis Cystoides Intestinales
PEGPercutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy
PEGPatient Evaluation Grid; Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy; Pneumoencephalogram, Pneumoencephalography; Polyethylene Glycol
PGNasopharyngeal Electrode Placement In Electroencephalography; Gastric Pressure; Plakoglobin; Plasminogen; Pogonion; Pregnancy, Pregnant; Pregnenolone
PGPercutaneous Gastrostomy
PGCPregastricin; Primordial Germ Cell
PGCProgastricin; Primordial Germ Cell
PGEPlatelet Granule Exract; Posterior Gastroenterostomy
PGSPostsurgical Gastroparesis Syndrome
PGVProximal Gastric Vagotomy
POLIPPolyneuropathy-ophthalmoplegia-leukoencephalopathy- Intestinal Pseudoobstruction [syndrome]
RBPIIntestinal Retinol-binding Protein
RDGRetrograde Duodenogastroscopy
RGCRadio-gas Chromatography; Remnant Gastric Cancer; Retinal Ganglion Cell; Right Giant Cell
RGEARight Gastroepiploic Artery
SBSmall Bowel
SBDSelective Bowel Decontamination; Senile Brain Disease
SBESmall Bowel Enema
SBESmall Bowel Enteroscopy
SBFTSmall Bowel Follow Through Series
SBFTSmall Bowel Follow-through

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