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ABlood Group A
AArterial Blood
AABBAmerican Association Of Blood Banks; Axis-aligned Bounding Boxes
ABBlood Group AB
AB-SAAPAutologous Blood Selective Aortic Arch Perfusion
ABCAlum, Blood, And Charcoal (purification And Deodorizing Method)
ABCAlum, Blood, And Clay (sludge Deodorizing Method)
ABCAlum, Blood, And Charcoal [purification And Deodorizing Method]
ABCAlum, Blood, And Clay [sludge Deodorizing Method]
ABCAmerican Blood Commission
ABCDAppropriate Blood Pressure Control In Diabetes; Asymmetry, Borders Are Irregular, Color Variegated, Diameter > 6 Mm [biopsy In Melanoma]
ABFAortic Blood Flow; Aortobifemoral
ABGArterial Blood Gases
ABGArterial Blood Gas; Axiobucco-gingival
ABLAbelson Proto-oncogene; Abetalipoproteinemia; Acceptable Blood Loss; Acute Basophilic Leukemia; African Burkitt Lymphoma
ABLESAdult Blood Lead Epidemiology And Surveillance
ABOBlood Grouping System
ABOBlood Group System Consisting Of Groups A, AB, B, And O
ABPAntigen-binding Protein; Arterial Blood Pressure; Automatic Systolic Blood Pressure Measurement; Avidin-biotin Peroxidase
ABPArterial Blood Pressure
ABPAmbulatory Blood Pressure
ABPMAmbulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring
ABSArterial Blood Pressure
ABSAbdominal Surgery; Acidic Ammonium Bisulfate; Acute Brain Syndrome; Adaptive Behavior Scale; Admitting Blood Sugar
ABSArterial Blood Sample
ABTAbstract Behavioral Type; Autologous Blood Transfusion; Lopinavir
ACBAntibody-coated Bacteria; Aortocoronary Bypass; Arterialized Capillary Blood; Asymptomatic Carotid Bruit
ANBPAustralian National Blood Pressure [trial]
APTHAmbulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring And Treatment Of Hypertension
ASBMTAmerican Society For Blood And Marrow Transplantation
AUVIBAutotransfusion Of UV-irradiated Blood
BBlood, Bloody
B/PBlood Pressure
BABlood Alcohol
BABlood Agar
BABBlood Agar Base
BACBlood Alcohol Concentration
BAHAMABaragwanath Hypertension Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring Multiarm
BALBio-artificial Liver; Blood Alcohol Level; British Anti-lewisite; Bronchoalveolar Lavage
BAPBlood-agar Plate
BARTBlood-activated Recalcification Time
BASCBlood Pressure In Acute Stroke Collaboration
BBBlood Buffer
BBBlood Bank
BBBBlood Buffer Base
BBBBlood-brain Barrier
BBBBlood-brain Barrier; Blood Buffer Base; Bundle-branch Block
BBBDBlood Brain Barrier Disruption
BBFBronchial Blood Flow
BCBlood Culture

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